Thursday, July 15, 2010

After Armageddon: Parts 1 Through 3

Here is a series that was presented on the History Channel called After Armageddon. It is presented fairly well and is thought provoking.

After Armageddon 1

 After Armageddon 2

After Armageddon 3

I paused quite few time while watching this to explore what my reaction would be to each of the circumstances that is presented here. It is worth taking some notes.


  1. The problems with it are: 1)It is written by people who simply do not know what would happen. 2)It requires drama's and sub-plots to hold people's interest and that detract from reality. 3)It tends to be a mix of truth and laughable fiction where most of the "advice" is wrong.

    I suppose it is better then nothing to scare people and get them thinking. But it is more like those anti-pot movies of the 60's where they made so many factual errors that kids knew they were BS'ing them and ignored it.

  2. Getting the sheeple to start thinking beyond reality TV is the biggest hurdle. Once they realize that their little world could be rendered unlivable by any series of events, perhaps then they will start to take action and start searching for answers. They series does enlighten us as to how the minds of these people work, unrealistic or not.

  3. The real deal is that the History Channel put anything like this on at all. I think they might be owned by ABC. Whether its totally accurate or not its amazing they did it. I first saw it a couple months back and thought I was on the wrong channel, maybe the Sci Fi channel or something.

  4. Watching the news about Katrina, the tsunami in 2004 or Haiti a few months ago should be enough to wake people up. In fact I'm sure a substantial portion of today's preppers count these incidents as factors in their decision to prepare for disaster. I think the benefit of movies like this is not so much in their accuracy but that they open up conversation about truely horrific disasters which would require so much more then a three day supply of food and water to survive. We would be naive to think "it couldn't happen here" but that is exactly what 90% of Americans believe. If history is an indicator of anything it tells us it can indeed happen anywhere. What, exactly, it will be or when it will happen, no one can predict with any accuracy. But what we can say is that in the last few years and even more then a few years we have had a quickening of events, indicators, clues and actions that do not leave us with a confident feeling. Our borders are unsafe and that danger projects many miles into our country. China is on the biggest military buildup since Hitler. Iran and most of the Arab/muslim world is committed to destroying Isreal and this could result in a nuclear war. Pakistan and Afghanistan are waging 11th century war with anyone they can reach and there are nukes there as well. Russia is jealously eyeing their former satellite countries and well begin taking them back as soon as they think we won't stop them. The entire Western world is in a depression which is getting worse by the day and the Unions have a death grip on our congressmen's cajones and every time they squeeze our congress coughs up a couple hundred billion their way. Our president can't be trusted (has lied repeatedly) and all his advisors keep repeating "raise taxes". Oil is running out and the crazy left us using the threat of global warming to force us all to accept crippling taxes and socialist policies. The risks today are so many you need one of those 24 sided dice to flip to guess which pending disaster will happen first. Honestly it looks so bad I'm not sure all the preps I could possibly afford will be adequate.