Sunday, May 1, 2011

Portable Power for Bug-Outs and Campouts

Our lives are filled with the need for electricity. Most of what we use is in the form of Alternating Current (AC): Desktop computers, table and ceiling lights, refrigeration, washing machine, microwave, etc...

Even in our cars we are surrounded by electricity. The heater, car light system, stereo, and so on (Direct Current or DC).

Even walking down the street listening to music on your mp3 device, carrying your laptop computer and cell phone, you are dependent upon it.

It is so ingrained that we seldom consciously think about it. When it stops flowing though, it is very much on our mind.

The following video's show one persons solution to having portable power when there is no commercial power available. It will power some simple devices (a CPAP machine comes to mind) and looks to be quite portable.

If you want to design your own system to deliver more energy, YouTube probably has a video that would help you to see what others have done, Watch them and learn from their expense before spending your own money.


  1. I like this Off the shelf, scalable, DIY. I just came into a bunch of these cells from an alarm installer and I was wondering how to put them to a good use.
    A good project to get your feet wet and this would power those minimal ham radios I like so much as well as some other things. excellent.

  2. Hey Dragon, a nice entry level system to wet your appetite! This system might weigh about 40 lbs when complete, the battery alone is 25 lbs! It would be a nice little base camp setup for a radio or essential electronics.

  3. That was actually quite brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing that video, the creative juices just got going again.


  4. Hey Busted, thanks for dropping in! Yes, it does make one think about the possibilities...