Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Security Preps

I have made some improvements to my security situation since my last post. I have installed a motion activated light on the front porch and purchased a wireless intercom system from Radio Shack ($59 for 3 units, bought 2 sets). The intercoms have 3 different frequencies that they use so that you can intercom all units or individual ones.

One unit goes on the back porch, one in the living room, and 1 in each bedroom. This will leave me with a spare. These units seem to use the ground wire in your home’s electrical wiring to connect with each other. They have a button that allows you to use it as a room monitor, like a baby monitor. The backporch and living room will be on the same frequency. I wish they had more so you could isolate each room but I guess I will have to work with what I have.

Next up, I have some Quartz Halogen Motion sensor lights to cover the backyard. There is a lack of exterior outlets (only 1) and no empty breaker slots to expand with.

Stupid Modular Home designers anyway. I will need to either replace the bus bars in the existing box to allow adding more or add a second smaller box to feed the lights and extra outlets I would like.

I think I will add 1 or more driveway alerts to the area where I park my vehicles. Then I will be able to catch the bastards prowling my cars in the act. Maybe.

I am securing my backyard by barbed wire. They will have to traverse a nasty blackberry patch or cut the wire to gain access to the east side of my home. I have a 6' wooden fence on the west side with 2 gates that will be secured with a padlock. They can still come thru a neighbor's yard if they wish to brave the blackberrys on the back property line.

Prepping Accomplishments

I managed to buy 10 cases (120ea) of regular mouth quart canning jars this payday. I also got 1 case each of regular and wide mouth pints. I am planning on canning some butter in the near future and wanted to put it in wide mouth for convenience. My goal is to have at least 365 Quart jars filled with main courses by years end. I also bought 20 packs of regular lids and 10 of the wide mouth. I am going to can up some bacon and chicken once I get enough together to fill my pressure canner. I may even try some steaks for the hell of it.

I recently purchased a small butane stove for short term emergency cooking so I bought 5 canisters of butane ($1.99 ea.). I will be stocking up on that as much as possible. Anyone have any experience with them? If so, how long does a canister of gas last?

I have acquired some flat folding 3 ring binders for organizing my Survival Bible. My info on canning takes up a whole 3” binder. Got your's done yet? Mine keeps growing.

Have any of you purchased “Rawles Gets You Ready”?

I did.

It was disappointing to me, but I have been prepping for 30 years. It might be worth it for newbies to prepping/survivalism, but if you can operate a search engine and have some common sense, save your money, and invest it in ammo, food or canning supplies. Most of the info can be found on various web sites. Just do some research every night instead of watching the boob tube.


  1. I bought "Rawles Gets You Ready" when it first came out but just set it on the shelf. Broke it out last week and read it cover to cover and found that I didn't know any more when I was finished than when I started. I'd already read all the information from all over the net. Kind of neat if you don't like searching or want quick answers but there seemed to be a lot of really important information left out, especially about putting up the food for the long haul.
    Good luck with the snakes and roaches that seem to be trying to infest your house. Maybe if you catch one and hang him by the neck from a lamp post it'll serve as a warning to the others. I wonder how the cops would react to someone coming in saying they were breaking in to your house and you let loose on them with a paintball machine gun. At least you'd know who it was that you sprayed.
    Good luck.

  2. I emailed the guy selling the rawles gets you ready course and asked him if he stood by the quality of his product with a money back guarantee. He said no. I figured if even the seller wouldn't even stand by the product then why bother. Never bought it.

  3. If it is Tweakers that are your trouble please be careful, most have Hepatitis or worse yet the HIV.

  4. I'm not sure about the barb wire. It may or not be legal where you are. If no neighbors have barb wire than I'd check your town's ordinances. The last thing you need is some scumbag tearing open his leg breaking into you yard and suing you. It happens.

    You may also want to try one of those motion activated sprinklers. Sometimes just getting a blast of cold water is enough to turn em back.

    Here's one - http://www.amazon.com/Contech-Electronics-Scarecrow-Motion-Activated-CRO101/dp/B000071NUS

  5. Some call Rawles a "yuppie" survivalist. Sure, all his information can be gathered elsewhere, but perhaps his service is having done this for you already and presenting it in neat, easy to read literature. That falls perfectly into the yuppie mindset where they feel they can purchase their way through problems - such as preparing for SHTF.

  6. I don't know about butane, but my Coleman propane stove lasts forever on one bottle of fuel. The small bottles you see at China Mart. I'd say one bottle is good for at least 1 week of normal cooking, 2 meals a day. Maybe more.

  7. You can get an attachment that lets you fill the small bottles from a standard sized container. That way you don't have to buy 100 little containers. Another option is to get an attachment that attaches the hose directly to one of the big bottles. I haven't bought the Rawles Gets You Ready course because I already know what it's going to say. My SHTF hardcopy library hasn't been growing very fast lately but that's just because I've been enjoying myself a lot more than I've been prepping lately. Once it starts to get cold again I'll get back to prepping hardcore.

  8. I live on my boat and use those little propane tanks to cook all my meals. I use two a week. I have the equipment to switch to a grill sized tank if the expense of the little ones becomes burdensome.

    Blue Skye

  9. Like Rawles or not any good survivalist will need more than one book to have a real library of useful information. Who here has less than 10-20 books on various topics from gardening to survival to carpentry to medical care.

  10. if i had the money, (or my own house), i'd install a sub panel,(with a generator socket) and leave bad enough otherwise alone in the main panel. YMMV. (of course, automatic change-over to inverter for a few vital circuits would be nice).

  11. Instead of a light bulb in the motion light put a screw in plug adapter and run an extention cord from the motion detector to the clock radio next to your bed. When your "visitor" sets off the motion detector the clock radio turns on to let you know that company is coming!!! Best thing is they don't know that you know!