Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kudos to JWR, Sorta

I think the new look of James Wesley, Rawles’ Survival Blog is a big improvement over the previous incarnation. When I first noticed it I thought “Wow, this is much better!”

Now a week or so later I just shake my head and wonder why he kept that snot green background. It wasn't there at first. Oh well, his blog, his choice. For those of you with older computers, you may find that your performance slows to a crawl when you visited his site. Mine did. I found that it was the scrolling advertisements that caused it.

To cure this, place his url in the restricted zone under the Tools-Internet Options-Security-Sites tab in Internet Explorer. With Firefox, use an add-in called noscript. The CPU cycles hit is caused by the javascript that scrolls the ad’s. High powered computers on broadband probably won’t notice the performance hit like older machines and dial-up connections.

So Kudo’s to you James, sorta…


  1. There's a lot of stuff slowing down my Computersaurus Rex these days. I just skip 'em. If I gotta jump through hoops to look at something, well then I don't really need to look at it. But Rawles' target audience is the well-to-do, which is unfortunate. There has been some good information posted there, but apparently he's seen fit to exclude us "peons". Maybe not consciously, but the net result is still the same, shutting out the po' folk. Oh well, no skin off my hind end...

  2. I agree that JWRs site caters to the people with lots of green to spend, but there is still a lot of great information there. I really appreciated that very recent discussion on antibiotic medications - told what to use for what specific malady, how much to give and for how long to give the medications - GREAT INFO for rich and poor alike, especially if you have school age children who come in contact with other sick kids.

    I didn't mind the appearance of the old and still hold same opinion of the current - not a problem. I really appreciate the ability to print the entire page, rather than have to Print Screen too.

  3. His site is a true business. He does have good info posted on it, but it is hard to sort through to find. I wish him all the luck in the word and much success with his business. As for being a pure survival site it stopped being that some time ago.

  4. hmm, do you have a chip on your shoulder regarding JWR, Scout? seems to me he isn't doing anyone any harm, and he IS putting out alot of info to us survival folks.
    while i don't agree with the plot of his novel [i think martial law will be enforced within days to weeks after a collapse] it was available as shareware for many years [8?] so "po folks" could have some idea of how to get their act together.
    i think your time might be better spent writing another chapter of The Cache. we're all anxiously waiting.

    tom from canada

  5. Hey Tom, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    I have no personal problems with JWR. As a long time sufferer from sinus infections, I am all too familiar with that color of green. Survival Blog is a great source of information provided by people from all walks of life. Some of it can be utilized by everyone, some by only those who have lots of disposable income. I am not one of those.

    I first read his novel online as Triple Ought, and later bought it when it was 1st published. I also purchased his Rawles Get’s You Ready course. Being involved in survival since I was 19, most of the info in it was no great revelation to me, but for the person new to survival prepping, it gives a wealth of info to help them get started.

    I don’t particularly agree with his business model, but it works for him and that is the bottom line.

    I have nearly finished developing the storyline for the next chapter of The Cache and will soon began typing and proofing it.

  6. Hey Mayberry, Anonymous 5:10 AM

    Your assessment seems to be on target. The best articles I have seen on there were the following:
    “Grub and Gear--Lessons Learned from an Alaskan Trapper”
    “A Wilderness Hide Location for a Planned Evacuation”:

    BLW, I do not wish him any ill either. Anyone who runs a business will do so in the manner they see fit. The success of their business is the final word.

  7. Selous Scout said...
    I have nearly finished developing the storyline for the next chapter of The Cache and will soon began typing and proofing it.

    WOO HOO!!