Monday, April 19, 2010

Obamacare At It's Best

Here is an example of what you can look forward to under Obamacare.


Surgeon cut off testicle 'by mistake' at Bury hospital

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Not that you lying Left Wing F*cktards need them anyway. I have an idea on how to save money on abortions, lets send all the liberals to this doctor to have them castrated! They can achieve their goals of population reduction by eliminating their capacity to breed! Let them lead by example!


  1. This is the "hope and change" in socialized medicine.

    Hope that they don't cut your balls off by mistake.

    The Change in your voice when they do.

    On a more serious note, the "doctor" has fled to Jordan. Maybe we could hook him up with al queida (spelling?) and he could solve some of our future problems for us.

    BTW this happened in Great Britain, right? He probably wasn't using them.

  2. Shit, who cares? It's coming here my friends, hold on to your nuts. Bitmap is correct about the Brits not having any and so don't need them. In this country, the left are aborting their future voters as fast as they can. Maybe that's why they need to nationalize all those illegals.

  3. Healthcare is going to cost less for all of us in the long run thanks to Obamacare. That's a good thing, right? I think it is.

  4. You cannot possibly believe healthcare will be cheaper because of Obama care. But worse yet, it will cost more and become less effective. Longer waits and denyed service to people deemed too old to waste money on. The day will come when you or your parents are denied lifesaving health care to save money but illegals get health care paid for with your tax money. Good luck!

  5. To Anon @ April 22, 2010/2:34PM

    You're a dumb ass

  6. Thanks for your brilliant comment, tjbbpgobIII.

    Anyway, yes, I firmly believe that healthcare will be cheaper because of Obamacare. The healthcare industry is so freaking overpriced I feel like some regulation will be a good thing. And care for the uninsured raises the rates for all of us, so getting some coverage for them will be a good thing.

    Oh, and the thought that the elderly will be denied care just because they are elderly is laughable. You can't possibly believe that, right? ;)

    (I was Anonymous on April 22, now I'll go by Lefty. Heh.)