Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Sky is Falling

The Sky is falling. I know this to be true because as I look out my window, I can see small flakes of it falling to the ground, covering everything in a white blanket. The thermometer on the deck says it is 28 degrees outside. Inside it is warm and I am sitting watching it fall, drinking a another cup of coffee, listening to some "Oldies" (music I grew up with).

I have been busy of late, what with getting ready for winter, Dr. appointments, Dentist appointments, appointment appointments, blah blah blah...

I got new tires for my truck a few weeks back from a company on the internet out of Kalifornia called Tire Crawler. Great prices and fast shipping. I got 4 of the Dunlop Radial Mud Rovers. They are priced at $138.98 each. I had them shipped to my place of work by a common carrier that we use at work for another $63.00. No sales tax for me!

I wanted to replace the aluminum wheels on my truck with steel black spoke (cheap) wheels but when I started looking around I got sticker shock! I ended up putting them on my aluminum wheels anyway. I will keep looking for some wheels, perhaps at some of the local area boneyards. My pickup is a Nissan D10 (Hardbody) 4x4 that I have had for over 15 years. A good truck!

After I got home from having the new tires installed, I stepped back to admire my new tires. WTF! The left rear tire had a large fist sized bulge in it, and it was pulling away from the rim! It turns out that the bead was torn when they installed it, so it will be replaced at not cost to me. They ended up mounting one of my old tires back on the aluminum wheel at my request as I didn't have a spare tire the same size. The ones that were on the truck were going to serve in that capacity.

So, my replacement tire should be here this coming Tuesday and I should have it installed no later than Wednesday. I wanted to be prepared for a cold front that was coming down out of Canada this week but it looks as though I am only three-quarters prepared!

The local grocery store sells a holiday meal (you cook) that I have been buying for several years. It is starting to get kind of sparse these last few years. No more cans of olives, Butter biscuits, cans of corn or green beans. You still get a Black Forest Ham (4lbs), a Hen Turkey (up to 10lbs), a 5lb bag of potatoes, a package of gravy mix, a box of stuffing mix, and your choice of Apple or Pumpkin pie. I usually add a couple of bottles of sparkling cider to add some pizazz to the meal.

That is a pretty good meal, usually prepared without the ham, as the rest will fill us up for some time. The bird seldom lasts more than the evening so any hopes for cold turkey sandwiches the next day are doomed to disappointment! The leftovers are gone the next day, and the turkey carcass ends up in a lrge pot and is simmered for hours until the remaining meat begins to fall off the bones. Turkey Soup is the order of the day for the next several days until it is all gone.

The temperature has fallen 2 degrees since I began writing this post, and the flakes are getting larger. The ground is getting whiter where the flakes have found a colder surface to adhere to, and it looks as though we have accumulated about an inch or more of the frozen water.

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving, even those readers who live in other countries, as we all should have a day of thanks to reflect on all of our blessings, especially our families!
God bless you all, even those of you that don't believe in him!
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and there's no white stuff falling from the sky. It's 82 degrees! Wonderful... ; )

    You guys have a great Thanksgiving. I'm hoping the shorts weather holds out for mine!

  2. ...can't say,as i don't care for the stuff,'cept on Christmas...good luck,and lean into it...

  3. I wonder if we are close to each other though this storm seems pretty big. Went to the store to pick up a couple of items and the store was packed with shoppers. God bless the folks in Idaho getting shopping done early, Trucks already putting down salt and even a cople of school closeings already done for Tuesday.

  4. thanks for all your tips and writing, scout. God bless you and yours this season, and through the coming storm, until He returns to "make all things new".

    tom from canada

  5. I'm sure that science can prove, if the oxygen producing resources that are on the ground are lessened, the "sky" or atmosphere would fall upon us. Oygen is holding it up. And it sure is hot up there. With that in mind, the trees don't grow as big or numerous as they used to, the ocean has a garbage pit the size of texas in it, and the amount of toxic fumes from machinery, autos, and living is probably more than the trees are breathing. The sky is falling concept has nothing to do with fairy tales, and people ought to take a very serious look at what they're doing to this planet and do everything they can to quickly change it.