Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Managing Debt

Most every prepping and survival blog and website will recommend getting out of debt (to starve the monkeys?) as quickly as possible, and to avoid it when ever possible. But sometimes we can get overwhelmed by unexpected expenses: The clutch goes out on the truck and it has to be towed, the water heater springs a leak and you have to hire someone to fix it because you don't know how or don't have the tools, the clothes dryer dies suddenly, you know, that sneaky crap that keeps you in a constant state of shelling out what you take in.

Even an emergency fund can be overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught of the unexpected. And so the debt can pile on faster than you can pay it off. Some of us have been good little consumers, pursuing the American Dream of more, bigger, and better. Already saddled with extreme loads of debt, trying to dig out of this mess by ourselves can be nearly impossible.

Fortunately, there are Companies that specialize in just this area. One of them is my newest advertiser, CareOne Debt Relief Services, a debt consolidation service. If you need help getting your finances under control, you should look into their services and see what they can do for you.


  1. glad you have a new sponsor, helps to pay the bills. I have enjoyed the cache story, any chance you will add a chapter soon? thanks

  2. Scout,on day 3 of chia test. Adding one tablespoon to morning oatmeal. I seem to have a bit more energy.Will check in after full 7 days.


  3. Writing for my own pleasure seems to have taken a back seat to all the issues that are plaguing our world currently.

    However, I will hopefully find the time for more chapters sooner than later for you the readers, as it is not fair to have drawn you into a story with no ending.

    China, I need to order some more seeds to make any meaningful tests. I am glad you are keeping me up to date on your experience as I feel there must be more to the Chia seeds than just a good legend.