Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Things You Just Know!

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut on things...

Arthur Ernst III is accused of possessing child pornography. (New Jersey State Police photo)

Huh! Who would have guessed!

He was also convicted and sentenced to life for being scary ugly!
I bet he molests kittens in his downtime!
(both, my opinion you understand)

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  1. I often wonder about these so-called kiddy-porn criminals. We all imagine some dangerous person with truely gross and dispicable toddler pictures. But I wonder how many people are charged simply because they have a naked picture of a 17 year old who looks 21. You may or may not like or hate any kind of porn or sex but it's a fact of life. Should this kid go to jail because he has a picture off the internet of some hotty who passed herself off as over 18??? I don't think so. Considering the activism that goes on in some cities and some DA offices I'm thinking a lot of innocent people get sent off to jail because some activist DA is out to bust people because of his/her favorite bigotry.

    One more point; If someone has pictures of babies/toddlers maybe they need help more then jail. You and I cannot imagine this kind of thing it is so gross but if this gut can enjoy that kind of stuff maybe he needs help. But jail??? Not while they are letting out murderers and rapists for lack of space.