Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mauser Goodness

Got a Mauser?
Want to add some "cool" to the old warhorse?

Here's a little something to add some fun to your "tacticool" adventures!

Mauser 98 20 Round 8mm Detachable Magazine (Trench magazine reproduction)
$53.00 plus shipping

This links appears to be sold out as it is no longer available, it just takes you to the homepage.
$64.95 plus shipping

From the e-Sarco ad (which no longer exists since they are sold out):

"During the trench warfare of WWI, the Germans developed these magazines to increase the firepower of their 98 Mausers. Easily installed in any GEW 98 rifle by merely removing the floorplate from the rifle's triggerguard, and replacing it with the trench magazine. Original trench magazines are very rare and valuable. We now have this quality reproduction indentical to the original right down to the proof marks! Will also work in 98K, KAR 98a, VZ24, and most M98 style Mauser rifles. Blued steel, complete with follower, spring and follower retainer with chain."

Here's some pic's of one installed (someone else's).

That's 20 rounds of 7.92x57mm badness (goodness?) heading your way if you are a bad guy. That's a "Detachable Magazine" (well, with some effort required), get a second one for even more fun or for a friends Mauser! The stock is a Richards Microfit Gunstock.

It can be replaced with the original for hunting season and swapped back for tacticool applications!
Got Trench Mag?


  1. Very cool. Grendel Firearms (long gone now, but the owner went on to create Kel-Tec) jused to sell a bolt rifle with 10 round magazine. The stock folded at the wrist too. Sako Action, 20" fluted barrel - sweet! I saw one on sale at a gunshow some years ago, $650. Owner was surprised to know someone else knew what it was. What can I say - I'm a gun nut!

    Ruger's new Scout is almost there . . .