Monday, August 8, 2011

Run on Local Bank

There was a run on a local bank last Friday.
Ok, maybe it wasn't much of a run.
It was actually just one person that I am aware off retrieving their deposits.

Yeah, it was me. I cleaned out my meager savings after reading this the night before on The Market Ticker: "Caution: This HadBetter Not Be True"

The conclusions I arrived at led me to believe it prudent to retrieve and control my own funds. I bank at Bank Of America. You may or may not take action of your own. I would rather have control of my money than have the banks take it when they go on holiday.

If things start to crash here in the US, I will be buying last minute preps such as gasoline,  food and more ammo.

1 comment:

  1. Already done it.Next problem is my co does direct deposit.I hope there is a bank to get it out of Monday!