Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zipit Up!

In the age of plastic, one item reigns supreme. The Ziploc® bag!

It will hold just about anything you wish, including water! The only drawback to using or reusing, is that some objects may puncture the walls or with heavy items such as water, blow out the seams. To protect against this happening and to extend the lifespan, try the following:

Using the clear plastic packaging that much of todays electronics and other gear comes in.
Cut it to size with scissors and sand the sharp edges off. Alternatively, you could also tape the edges.
Use this for items that would wear thru in short order.
Use the lighter weight cardboard (think beer case) for other items.

Protect the bag from punctures by doing the following:
Hard plastic inserts (or thin card board, such as the beer case)
Several layers of butcher's paper would work also.
Duct tape the edges and bottom to prevent blowout.
To keep external abrasion to a minimum, cover the bag with a layer of duct tape.

This will save you a trip to REI to spend hard earned money on those fancy stuff bags when you could buy beer and reuse the cardboard instead!

Bottom's up!


  1. Prep tips and beer, what's not to love? : )

  2. Those are really good tips, these bags will be needed in the future for carrying and storing items of all kinds. When they are gone, that is that.

    I've purchased quite a few boxes of these, including the large 2 1/2 gallon bags for storing clothing and bedding off season. With the loss of electricity, mold will become a major problem in humid areas and your clothing will literally rot within a short period of time.

    I used to have a few of the big a$$ bags that furniture comes stored in, those sofa sized bags can be made into 'tube tents'. Very heavy duty plastic - its worth saving for 'something'.

    Thanks for the post.

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  4. ...rotate yer stock of ziplocks(alot), the plastic is 'made to degrade'...keep them out of direct sunlight, as they contain no UV protection either(among a couple other drawbacks...specialty ones are made for specific purposes but cost plenty)..anyway, gotta love'em, but just like most things, ya gotta know their limitations...see ya soon Scout

  5. Thanks for stopping by everyone and commenting.

    Craig, "Whats not to love?" How about Government... (Beer is good!) Have you looked into home brew to defray costs?
    Anonymous posters - thanks for the comments.
    Ken, glad to see you are still treading water my friend!