Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Cache Cover Art

Any thoughts or criticism (constructive of course) is welcome. I am going to rewrite 2 of the 3 new chapters as they seem too "wooden" to me.

Just waiting for the next shoe to drop...


  1. ...hey Brother, i think i see the 8 inch viper tac boots there, good choice for the money...the style of text brings a treasure chest partially opened and spilling treasure for some reason (?)
    ...hmmm, maybe a ruck and a rifle with/instead of the buckets (?)..hell now i'm drawing a blank...i'll see ya soon bro, lets see what others come up with...

    1. Hey Bro, thanks for the comments. I originally thought of having a guy with his back turned, traveling down a wooded path with an Alice pack on his back, holding a rifle. I decided on the buckets because getting to the cache was the focus of the first book. As you can see, the buckets are lettered as described in the story. Vol. 2 will have 2 backpacks on it: one a day pack like all school aged kids wear leaning against a bugout bag, a camo Alice "Scout" pack. One for OughtSix and one for Neo.

  2. Cool - having all of this in one document will be awesome. Thank you for the effort and time to do it.

  3. ...well i thought there would be more input, but i do like the idea of the guy walking down the path with his back turned...i'd rather books have no fotos of the leads as the pics in my minds eye rarely match, anyway i'll check back in later big brother, KeepTheFaith...