Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Update

Well, after singlehandedly devastating the mouse population, Miss Poosey has taken to fattening up the two offspring and man are they growing! Mayhem was out strolling about the other day so I relocated both of them to a box under my desk to keep them from getting crushed under foot. A nice warm box with a cotton shirt in it to help keep them warm.

I found some links to making salves and supplies for doing so. Here they are:


There are a ton of sources out there, just do a online search.
If you are serious about making your own herbal medicines, I encourage you to stock up now, as I believe that these sources may be a target of the FDA soon!
Big Brother Health care only!

I encourage everyone to build your survival bibles now, as once the Czar begins to protect us, all of this free source of info known as the internet will probably be filtered for our own benefit, eliminating that which would allow us to self medicate.

I am currently using the public release of windows 7 on 2 different PC’s. On my Athlon XP 3000 based machine it runs pretty well, but has crashed several times after coming out of hibernation. I updated my video driver as recommended (nVidia) and shut off the hibernation feature. It hasn’t crashed since.

Overall, I like the operating system. BUT, I will not pay $320.00 for it. Anything less than Ultimate version would be unsatisfying at this point, but I will upgrade my video card and run a version of Linux called Elive Compiz. It is every bit as cool as Windows 7, perhaps even cooler if you have the hardware to support it’s features, and the price is right – Free!

So Microsoft, drop your price and I might stay with you, WINE (Windows Emulator) is working pretty well with most of my windows software, and I am tired of shoveling my cash your way, especially when I run multiple computers at home.

uBuntu has several flavors that will boot up and run from a CD drive. No installation necessary. This would give you a chance to try it out without having to install it on your PC. Another version of Linux that will let you run a live version from a CD is Knoppix.

By running a live version on CD, used with a USB thumb drive for data storage, you can surf the net without leaving any tracks at all on a PC. How’s that for steps to security?

Firefox has a nice add-on called Scribefire. It is a blogging editor and is pretty cool. If you use Firefox, you should check it out. Don’t use Firefox? Why not? My only problem with it is the way it saves some webpage titles.

Keep your weapons loaded and prep like there is no tomorrow, tptb are trying to make sure that there a fewer of them available for you, both tomorrows and weapons.

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