Monday, June 15, 2009

Home Invasion

Last night 2 intruders gained access to my home, with intentions of taking items which were important to my family’s survival. It occurred sometime between midnight and 4:00 am.

Thanks to an alert family member, both perpetrators were dispatched before they could complete their crime and escape. These two foul creatures will never defile anyone’s abode again!

Since we practice the 3 S’s, I quietly disposed of their stiffening bodies before leaving for work this morning.

Thanks to Miss Poosey’s vigilance, these two critters will never try to help themselves to our food again!

I hereby promote Miss Poosey from Guard Cat to Mouser Extraordinaire!


  1. NICE!!! HA! FOr a minute I was thinking, OH MY GOD, he shouldn't be telling us this! It's kinda crazy that I wasn't bothered by the killing, or the burying of the bodies, but my first thought was that you'll incriminate yourself by posting it on here! I'm kinda glad it ended up being mice. Wouldn't want to see your posts end.

    -I put a link up to you on my blog.


  2. If you look closely, you can even see the chalk outlines around the corpses, lol.

    Good on your kettehs - keeping your home mouse free.

  3. ...whew...had me going for a second...

    ...adrenaline is cool...hehe hehehe

  4. Cats, gotta have them. Good job, kitty!

  5. Well done! I'd suggest a double shot of catnip for Miss Poosey today!

    Thanks for the grins...

  6. Heh heh heh.
    Glad you all enjoyed my post!

    Miss Poosey was on duty again in the kitchen this morning when I got up. Seems she enjoys her new job!

    I want to reward her with some special treat; catnip sounds good.

  7. She got another one yesterday, in my yongest sons room. That prompted him to clean up all the trash on his floor that I have been nagging him about for months.

  8. this was a great post, leading us on with a great story--like the cache story--sure wish you would continue the cache story. thanks