Saturday, December 19, 2009

Food Crisis Looms in 2010

Borrowed this link from JWR's site. I believe it needs more than just a passing note.

2010 Food Crisis for Dummies

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USDA estimates for 2009/10 make no sense
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When this news finally breaks, there will be a panicked populace stampeding to the stores and buying everything in sight, much as happens before a hurricane. Expect utter chaos to reign as the government tries to get things under control. Those who are too late to the trough will seek out those who got their fill. And then the SHTF.

We have all had the opportunity to prep for a given time, lets hope those preps will be enough. For those who are just beginning to awake to this need, I feel so sorry for you. Time has run out. It is only seconds to midnight now and it may be too late for the latecomers.
May God watch over us all. 


  1. Hey Scout. I caught that article on authors site. so I did some more checking. It appears dept of ag, lies a lot. on same pages of reports,they can declare drought has dropped production 30% and then say bumper crop arriving.why cant they just tell us the truth? good post people need to know whats coming!

  2. Well I have canned food, and I have seed. And I will continue to stock up until it is no longer possible. I believe there will be food shortages, due to drought, natural disaster, and moronic government policies. I saw firsthand how most crops in Texas were devastated by drought this summer. That's a LOT of crops...
    Toss in the fact that earth's carrying capacity has been exceeded, and it's not hard to see what's coming.