Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ammo Prices Dropping

Well after what seems like forever, ammo  prices are starting to come down a bit, so it would seem to be a good time to add a few more cases or spam cans to the stockpile.

The Sportsmans Guide has long been a favorite of mine for buying ammunition. Right now they have 880 round cases (2 ea 440 rnd tins) of 7.62x54R for $169.97, and these are brass cases, 149 grn. FMJ, corrosive primed of course. They also have the spam cans of 640 rnds of 7.62x39 122 grn. FMJ for $169.97. I have always had good experiences shopping for ammo with the Guide. Never had to send a copy of my drivers license or any other bs.

Do you hear that Jim? You could afford to buy an SKS and a case of ammo for blasting the zombie hoards as they come to throw you into the stewpot!

I still think that 7.62x51 is over priced everywhere but I guess the yuppie survivalists can afford it. .223 is now getting close to reasonable unless you are buying Lake City, which is still overpriced.

Anyway, when the prices drop, stock up on ammo. You never know what the Lefties will pull out of their collective asses and try to shove up ours!

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  1. Cool beans, I've had good experiences with Sportsmans Guide ammo buys as well, though shopping and comparing is wise - have sometimes seen them higher than others. That or the dreaded 'BACKORDERED - WILL SHIP WHEN AVAILBLE' - might be a while.

    They sure do beat gunshow ammo prices though - my gosh, those guys have some imaginations . . .

    Might be a time to get some more Tok (7.62X25) tins, now THAT stuff is a bargain.

  2. The problem I have with SG is that they won't ship me some types of softpoint handgun ammo that is completely legal here because they claim it is "prohibited". I sent them links to state law regarding ammunition and asked them why they thought it was prohibited and they basically replied that they didn't have any idea.

    It irritates me because their price is about 25% less than the price for the same ammo at other online stores and about 30-40% less than local stores.

    I'll still buy from them when they have a better deal than other online places but I have to watch because they seem to randomly put stuff on their "prohibited" list.

  3. Scout,

    Thanks for the link to the blog!!!

  4. Nice to hear some good news for a change. Another 880 rounds would be a nice addition to my stash...

  5. Any time something like ammo drops in's good news!

    Now if we could only get food prices to do the same!

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  7. You know, as the maxim goes, details make or break the argument..