Friday, September 7, 2012

Over The Edge

Now I realize that some people question my sanity with my posts on The Model Community and Food Forest, my talk of permaculture and earth sheltered homes: they think I have gone Greeny, or have slipped over the edge.

My response is that you need to be a little more open minded about these things and think about how they would benefit you in and after a collapse situation has occured. The Food Forest, Edible Landscape and Permaculture will ensure you and your family will have Dinner well after the supermarkets have closed. Free food growing without having to constantly tend to its well-being is a huge benefit.

An earth sheltered or underground home gives you protection from Forest Fire and Rifle fire. It moderates the year round temperature so that you only have to warm the home from 50 degrees up to 70, or 80 if that is your wish instead of from 30 degrees or less, whatever your climate delivers. In the far north you will have permafrost so this concept is not practical up there. Cooling the house is much easier if you plan your home correctly. All this translates into less energy needed to heat and cool, which means that you can be free of the power companies and their outages by utilizing alternative power sources.

As far as using the example of the Model Community, you are only using it's legal structure to satisfy Government and to keep out those who would be a detriment to the Trybes existence as a community. By leasing the parcels instead of selling outright, troublemakers and scoundrels can be weeded out if need be by terminating their lease.

Now for the Trybe.
Why the spelling with a Y instead of an I?
Because the Trybe is made up individuals banding together for a common belief in a way of life. The Trybe is not recognized by the government as a group of Native Indian or African peoples. Tribes are composed of people of whom many are related and living together because of that and no other reason. If you leave, you are still "from" that tribe. With the Trybe, you would lose all affiliation if you left or were forced out.

The Trybe is made up of mostly non-related like minded individuals who agree to live by the agreements signed at their acceptance into the Trybe. Trybal government can be modeled after city government, or Trybal Council consisting of the Heads of each household in the Trybe as well as an elected Chief to break stalemates so as to be able to proceed with needed business. The chief would also fill the role of Emergency Management Director to deal with any issues needing immediate action. The forms of government can be what ever the Trybe agrees on and is legal.

The Trybe should be sized to whatever the land can support, through Food Forest, Permaculture, Edible Landscape, and other forms of gardening and farming. Being a member of the Trybe in good standing will get you assistance as you need it, a place to live, food while others go hungry, and protection by way of Trybal Defense/Militia members.

I could go on and on, but those of you with open minds are already seeing the benefits of all that I have presented, and probably have some ideas of your own. Those who are close minded will only see drawbacks and will shrug all this off as the delusions of someone who is wandering about in their own mind.

One parting comment on the people of the Model Community of Earthaven. I think some of their beliefs and pratices are way out there, bordering on the truly strange, but they have a Community of like minded individuals who are working together.

What have you got?


  1. ...i like it, the 'y' instead of 'i' thingy...sustenance that's worry free is a plus, within a generation too, a long term(kinda) goal

    ...lets pray we make it that far through the coming conflict...

  2. There are some ways to get ahead on the food production, like purchase an Orchard (group purchase) and began converting it into a food forest. You can still work it to help pay for itself and begin the conversion as funds allow.