Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday's Excursion

I took Saturday off and went out with my youngest son to do some shooting with his .22 rifle and to just enjoy the day. We arrived at our favorite spot and found that others had been there before us. They shot up clay pigeons, an aquarium, a computer monitor, and other misc. junk. Of course, they left it all behind as a testament to what good stewards of the environment gun owners are.

What a bunch of idiots. Anti gunners feed on this kind of behavior! This is what gets areas closed off to shooting. If I had brought some trash bags with me I would have cleaned up what I could. I guess I will wait until next time we go.

On the bright side, these mental midgets left me all their brass! I must have picked up no less than:

1000 pcs of 5.56x45 (.223) and 500 ea. 9mm, 60 pcs .30-06, 40 pcs of .308, 100 pcs of .45 ACP, and an unknown amount of .44 mag, .357 mag and .40 S&W.

The .44 mag looked to come out of an autoloader due to the dents in the case mouth, the .06 was Greek manufacture so it could have been shot from a Garand. However, I found no 8 round clips so they either picked them up or it was fired from something else. There were also steel 7.62x39 cases, but not as much as everything else, so that may have been fired from an SKS. I found some copper washed 7.62x54R so there was most likely a Mosin-Nagant there also. They probably had 1 or maybe 2 AR-15's.

Since they were shooting up trash, it is evident they were there to just blow off some rounds and not really practice any shooting skills. This is just wasteful. I suspect they may have been younger people, impressed with their firepower but with no realization of the responsibility of gun ownership.

All in all it was a great day weather wise, I enjoyed the company of and conversations with my Son, and I got a bunch of brass to reload or trade.

A nice thing to observe about all this empty brass: If these people don't replace this ammo right away, it will be that much less available to be used against other survivalists in the future.


  1. Keep that brass or reload it where possible. There will be a day when the brass itself will be in great demand (and not just for the metal itself).

    One day there will be a lead mine there :-)

  2. I have my claim ready to be staked.

  3. It amazing how folks leave their trash lay about after their outdoor outings. I always carry a walmart bag or trash bag on outings my son does the same. We pick up any thing left by others always trying to leave a place better than we found it.....

  4. Where I shoot, out in the desert south of Boise, the open land is shared with the Army and the Air Nat'l Guard, who use it for training (

    Out shooting earlier in the month I had the pleasure of meeting the Range Officer, who pointed out a pile of dumped furniture down the road from us. He said that Guard are the ones who pick that trash up. Pretty pitiful way to treat our guys, wouldn't you say? But the trash some shooters bring out to blow up is just as offensive. I agree with you, folks like this don't help us hold on to our rights.