Tuesday, February 10, 2009



You're about to be lied to by a Liberal when they say ...

growing support for
mounting opposition to
the reality is
the larger question is
the more important question is
the bigger issue is
our nation's children
linked to
touched by
raising awareness
on some level
a new study shows
in denial
the American People
sends a message
reaching out
off our streets
history shows
the failed ..
greater diversity
people of color
social injustice
most vulnerable
economically disadvantaged
disparate impact
oppressed minorities
the struggle for
solidarity with
root cause
working families
underserved populations
diverse backgrounds
too many
too often
a positive step
non-partisan, non-profit
speaking truth to power
making a difference
statistics show
emerging consensus
a poll by the highly respected
reaffirm our commitment to
voicing concern
are speaking out
giving voice to

Woodpile Report

Addendum: makes strides in tackling


  1. Good job, you didn't include "The truth is..." because they don't believe in that.

  2. Sounds like an opening statement from just about every speech I've heard lately! Good job...

  3. It's even easier to tell when a Republican is lying: he opens his mouth.

    This was a very dumb post if you ask me because as I have just demonstrated everybody can play the same game. How can we expect the political discourse in the country to matter if reduce it to such childish jabs?

    One needs not only to listen to what policitians say but also pay attention to their actions. For instance, the Republicans claim they are for a small government, but while they were in control they made the government more intrusive into our lives and dramatically increased spending. What happened to "small government?" I don't understand why you conservatives don't ask that question to the people you voted for.

  4. No one asked you.

    It is just humor.

    If you choose to be offended by it, well that is your choice.

    And what are the democrats for? Spending money for the sake of spending money? Look at the pork loaded into the new stimulus package.

    Where is the help for the unemployed and hurting families? Can you point it out? Where is the protection for existing jobs? How is it going to create jobs?

    The title of the post could of just as well read Politicospeak. After all, a politician is liar 1st, a lawyer 2nd and human last (way down the list).

    The Political discourse you refer to will not matter as long as the masters tell the elected slime what they are to do. Why do you think the 1st fraud was passed over the objection of the voters? Bush? Not hardly. He jumped to the masters bidding as well as Clinton before him.

    Any who desire positions of power are not fit to lead.

  5. I'm not offended -- just disappointed.

    Where is the help for the unemployed?! Unemployment assistance is a liberal program. Liberals would love to expand the program. Reducing taxes for the rich is a Republican program.

    While I agree with your statements towards politicians, I think we still need to hold their feet to the fire. Not asking the Republicans what happened to "small government" and what happened to civil liberties is certainly not doing that.

  6. Mockum, Mockum, Mockum..... They're all the same, don't ya know? The left wingers just take the port tack on the same old course, while the right wingers tack to starboard. The destination is still the same. Ruin.....

    I'll bash 'em both, 'cuz I'm an "equal opportunity offender".

  7. That's quite a list of Liberal buzz-phrases. I'm guessing it took a while to put it together.

  8. Actually it is not my work, it was forwarded to me from someone else who thought it humorous also.

    So I can only take credit for posting it.

  9. Ol'Remus
    In reviewing your site, I see the same post on the right side. Perhaps the individual who sent it to me found it there.

    I don't know if it originated with you or you found it elsewhere. If it is your work I apologize for not giving you credit.