Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What did you do this weekend?

What did you do this weekend?

It is a litany I hear every week on the first day of the week.
“Oh, not much.” I will reply.

I have given up on trying to warn these Sheeple as to the coming collapse and tough times. In fact, now I regret trying to tell some of them anything at all. The possibility that they might remember me telling them might come back to them once the collapse is in full swing and food is hard to find.

The first one to step into my office will say the same thing, word for word with out fail each week. I have known him since High School, but he has a Sheeple attitude. He hunts and generally gets his deer, but that is about the extent of his survival skills. He can’t stay home, and is on the go every day and twice as much on the weekend.

The next one in is worse off than the first. He enters the room and asks me if I had a good weekend, not really wanting to know, it is just his opening into the one sided conversation about what he did all weekend. All conversations are about him and what he did or is going to do. He is another that can not stay home for the life of him. His wife and daughter are the same, on the go constantly. Spend, spend, spend.

There are others with similar questions and responses, but these two are the average mentality.

So I do not tell them that I worked on the Alexandria Project all weekend, or that I loaded magazines because it gave me a small comfort knowing that I was good to go there, or that I learned that three stripper clips of 8mm will fit (tightly) in a SKS chest rig pocket designed for 7.62x39mm strippers, or that every payday I buy groceries at a ratio of 30% canned to 30% dry to 40% fresh (including frozen), or that I repacked my Get Home Bag to include some of the items from lessons learned as I worked out a storyline regarding such.

Would they understand the value of such things? Probably not! It does not fit their narrow version of reality, where the gas flows freely (not necessarily cheaply) and running around is their entertainment. I am not against sight seeing and visiting places of interest, unless done at the expense of preparing for hard times.

These people will be a problem come collapse, as they have few resources to deal with the problems they will encounter. At least one will be able to keep meat on the table for as long as his meager ammo supply holds out. He buys a box of 20 cartridges every year or so as he only fires enough to sight in his rifle and what he needs to kill his deer.

I no longer tell him he should stock up or start reloading. It’s like talking to a brick wall.

The other has a wife that stocks up some. They will eat for a while, at least until those that have none learn of his supplies, and then they will come and take them by force, as he is a pacifist. “The lord will protect me” is his motto. The lord helps those who help themselves, and he gives many examples of such in the bible. I don't have much hope for his familys survival. He is looking to refinance now, not to save the money or to buy any preps, but to have more to spend on running around.

So, welcome to my Monday (Tuesday this week), and the inevitable parade of Sheeple.


  1. It's hard to deal with these folks...and getting harder each and every day! But what can ya do? NOTHING MORE!!

  2. I gave up trying to tell anyone anything. I was so feed up with dealing with fools and idiots I shut my blog down. It was getting to be a waste of time.

    I already know how to survive. So I just keep prepping and going ahead with my plans. Bought my homestead last week and I am working on getting out of the burbs ASAP. Let the rats have it.

    But I know what you mean, fools will be fools....

  3. There is only so much one can do for those that tend to talk to much and not listen enough...........

  4. Like Hilljack said.... Don't waste yer time preachin', but if the subject comes up..... Just keep bloggin', and those that want to know will find you. When we gonna get the rest of that story?!!!

  5. HermitJim, hilljack and Mayberry.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    I have given up on all but one person whom I feel close too. He has stated the desire to buy an ugly black rifle (they are beautiful to me) and we talk about some of the upcoming crap. I have to walk easy though, I think if I am too heavy it will scare him off.

    The Cache has been delayed by an overwhelming feeling that I need to get everything organized NOW!

    I feel time is short, we will see the true nature of the beast revealed soon, and those who aren't ready to become detached from the system will be swept up in the turmoil and lose the option to be independent.
    It's coming, the Wickedness, Big Time!

  6. That ain't no sh!t Scout, and totally understandable. I'm with ya there....

  7. Hello from Germany Selous Scout.I enjoy reading your Blog,you give good advice.Over here,it's the same story,most people aren't prepared for a SHTF event.I got a lot of funny looks when I mentioned to anybody that I was preparing for Y2K.
    Now,I keep my mouth shut.I do what I have to do,I take care of my own.

    I'm a hillbilly from the Ozarks, miss them hills.Married a fraulein when I was in the U.S. Army and ended up staying here.I like the germans,they are very honest and reliable.I have a couple of really good friends here.I'm afraid it's going to be rough for the germans to survive a collapse, nobody is prepared.Most of the people here are counting on the goverment to take care of them.It's the same throughtout the whole EU,people think the goverment will take care of things.They have no clue.

    Keep up the good work Selous Scout.
    I appreciate your work.

  8. Thanks Jeff and welcome to the blog!

    Check out the Blog roll (if you haven’t already) for a great selection of fellow bloggers with ton’s of info.

    How is the availability of Flectarn camo over there? It is my Camo of choice for here in the Great North Wet.

    Going it alone can be very tough. How does your wife feel about prepping? Are your friends at all receptive to preparing for hard times?

    Sometimes to people to be receptive to the message, you have to change the delivery some.

    Instead of full fledged Gloom and Doom, how about preparing for small, undeniable events such as storms and floods?

    In a Nation of non-preppers you don’t want to be known as the man who has food. You may want to find somewhere to cache supplies in case you have to leave your home.

    Good luck in your preps.