Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wool Blankets on sale

Wool blankets are on sale at cheaper than dirt. Sale ends 2/22/09 so if your wanting to get more blankets, check 'em out!

No I am not affliated with them. Just a satisfied customer!


  1. Awesome! Thanks... These would make great insulation for the escape pod!

  2. Be careful. These look like the kind we give out to homeless guys. Not meant to be washed, almost a throw-away item.

  3. Thanks for the link man. Linked you on my site too. Thanks again.

  4. Bullseye, thanks for linking up.

    Jim, thanks for stopping by. You may be right about the blankets. If they are as you describe, they will still have value in emergencies, for barter, or for giving to those in need.

    It is still hard to beat the surplus military wool blankets, although you will pay much more for them.

    Mayberry, they would indeed help.

  5. This is a very good update and I am sure going to be helpful to many.

  6. Good to know about the sale in these hard economic times.Good post indeed.