Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Monday, July 6th, my oldest son was mugged as he waited for a bus at the bus terminal. He and a friend made the mistake of leaving the terminal for a smoke and consequently he was mugged.

His assailant was a Nigga. Not an African American, nor a Black American, but a Nigga, complete with lip stud, two piercings in one ear and baggy Nigga pants. Now I don't usually use that term to refer to people of color, but after listening to the crap music my eldest listens to, Nigga this and Nigga that, pop a cap on yo ass, I felt that this individual was well within that description.

Don't get me wrong, I have friends that are African Americans, Latino Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and other ethnicities. I don't feel that I am racist. I hate everyone equally. Seriously though, when I found out about him being mugged, my first thought was payback. That quickly passed with the rationalization that this person would be impossible to find in a city of 200,000 people.

It seems that the boys were out smoking in an area with no surviellance cameras when this "Nigga" ran up and punched my son in the face, knocking him down. They fought a bit, but with being hit hard first, my son was dazed and didn't have it in him to put up much resistance, therefore he was beat-up pretty much.

The Nigga then took his wallet and removed the money he had, throwing the wallet at him and spitting on him. He then ran off. The boys went back to the bus terminal and caught the bus home, rather than sticking around and filing a police report.

I expect that as things get worse, this kind of thing will become more common, even in the smaller towns. The police can't protect you, and in most cases you are wasting your time filling out the police report as nothing will ever come of it. My son learned a valuable lesson, and I was extremely relieved that he had not been injured worse, or even killed in the incident. Now I am evaluating non-lethal protection for him to carry, such as a stun gun and/or pepper spray.

There is one other odd thing that happened that day. I had a feeling come over me at work that something was wrong. I passed it off as being hungry or tired and ingnored it the rest of the day. Next time I will call my boys and warn them to be on the lookout for anything out of the norm. It may save them from harm.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this.

    It's so dangerous to EVER let one's guard down. Which is an even sorrier thing to say.

  2. Was the friend a girl? I would have to wonder about a guy friend of mine that would let me get knocked down, scuffle with a dirtbag and robbed while they just stood there? Just wondering.

  3. Thanks Meadowlark, I am just thankful that he was not severely injured.

    Sanjac, it was a male friend who is a bit of a pussy (according to my son. I have also found out that there was 2 of them, one of which kept his friend from getting in more than a few kicks.

    Evidently they didn't see them approaching and were caught off guard.

    It still makes me want to go hunting.

  4. I'm sad this more reson to never let your guard down!

    Looking over our shoulder is going to be something we are going to have to trin ourselves to do!

  5. Sorry to hear this happened to your family.

    Makes me think of an incident a few years back when my girlfriend's son was talking his rapper crap, including the classic "I'm gonna bust a cap on yo ass". I asked him if he knew what that meant, then explained how it related to cap and ball revolvers of the old west. A little history lesson was all it took to never hear that phrase from him again.

    My best to you and yours.

  6. Predators usually have a territory they hunt in. Perhaps with some time and careful observation, the predator could be identified. Some predators bite on more than they can chew. Some lessons are painful.

  7. Thankfully he doesn't talk like that. But you have to wonder what effect that kind of lyrics has on their thought processess.

    Thankfully my youngest hates rap as much as I do, so we are constantly after him to turn "that crap" down.

    I'm thinking that these two predators are usually preying on the homeless and just chanced on the boys. I think that yes, they could be found and identified if one had the inclination and time to do so.

    I just hope someone takes them out before they kill someone with their brutality.

  8. Very sorry to hear of his experience, but he learned a very valuable lesson - goblins can appear from anywhere and anytime, so keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

    I remember some years ago, while vacationing in San Antonio, my wife was at a public telephone, while me and kids were waiting in nearby car. Wife was engrossed in digging through crap in purse. Well, nearby germ and companion noticed she was not paying attention and began approaching her from the back. I noticed and honked the horn - she glanced at me, then looked where I was pointing - they walked away.

    But if she had been alone, that might have ended way differently . . .

    A 'popeye' (synthetic shin guard) can be worn under a jacket sleeve to help block / absorb impacts. Not a whole lot, but better than nothing. Even pepper spray requires time to deploy, and if wind is in face, even spray yourself, not where you want to be.

  9. "Niggas" come in every color. White, tan, black, and everything in between....

    Their punk ass minds are warped by that gangsta rap crap, and lack of "parental guidance" (ass kickings).

    It's for these kinds of sorry pukes that I buy ammunition, them and the gub'mint JBTs......

  10. lived in the ghetto for two years. there are some decent people there, but the rest are animals. the animals usually operate in groups and have their methods planned and practiced. they fear only superior, overwhelming force.

  11. I like you hate all equally, so much so that I am known in some circles as "the equal opportunity bigot".

  12. scout, predators operate in proven zones of success. You have to be smarter than him, covert surveillance.. you know. One more thing, this will seem weird, but many report a sixth sense regarding their loved ones. Now you know what it feels lie, act on it next time. the world is changing, start thinking of less city vists. things have changed at a crazy rate lately - financial meltdown, unemployment, crime, housing crash, swine flu. it will get worse as crazy as it sounds. listen to the sixth sense and next time it will save you or yours

  13. My son learned a valuable lesson, and I was extremely relieved that he had not been injured worse, or even killed in the incident.

    But is he going to stop embracing the retarded, diseased, illiterate hip-hop culture, or does he now have someone new to look-up to?

    Jesus Christ, get yourselves AWAY from those low lifes.

  14. I like the music I listen to.