Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Witching Hour

2:00 am
The Witching Hour

Those who work dayshift are asleep.
But not the Goblins.

They run around after dark until people begin to arise for work.
They steal.
They vandalize.
They are drinking and doing drugs.
They disturb your sleep patterns with all their goblin noise until you are exhausted.

They are the unemployed teenagers of your neighborhood.
They are meth-heads looking for something to steal to support their habit.
They might even be of your own household.


This morning at 2:00 am they began with their program.
Tires screeching, sub-woofers booming out bass rythym of (c)rap music.
Loud voices, laughter, anger.
Car doors closing nearby.

I sleep with the window open and a fan drawing cool night air into my room to help cool the house down from the heat of the day.

I got up to investigate the noises (and my bladder was complaining). I went to the front door and turned off the motion activated light, then opened the door, stepping out onto the porch. I could see a car down the block pulled up on the wrong side of the street.

As I was looking at the car I noticed a movement off to my right. Someone wearing a dark colored hoody was walking in front of my house. As I watched them, they cut in back of my Grand Am and walked between my Nissan PU and my Samurai towards the gate for my backyard.

I closed the door and went to get my slippers and a flashlight. I spent a few seconds trying to decide on the bat or a B.F. knife. I grabbed the aluminum baseball bat. I then headed out the door to confront the intruder.

Alas, I took to long to get squared away and they had already left. A Sheriff's vehicle then pulled up in front of the car across the street and turned on its blinking lights. The officer got out and dealt with the Goblins in the car.

Damn! I was looking for some payback for all the thieving that has gone on, but not this time!

My lesson learned from this is to never go investigate noises unprepared to deal with issues that may arise. If I had prepared myself before going to check out the noises, I could have followed the shadowy figure to my gate and confronted them with flashlight and bat.

In the future those items will be at hand as I investigate Goblin noises. I will also carry 2 nylon wire ties as handcuffs for anyone I may subdue through Citizens Arrest.

This month is my last payment on my Pontiac, so now I am going to get the surviellance cameras I have desired for so long. The combined value of everything that has been stolen or vandalized would have paid for the system easily. But when you don't have the funds, you can't do the preps that you want.


  1. "My lesson learned from this is to never go investigate noises unprepared to deal with issues that may arise."

    You learned an important lesson there. I'm glad you weren't injured while learning it.

  2. I have dropped outside twice investigating noises with my .357MAG and G2. I do not like it when it sounds like a bunch of kids are having a pow wow on my lawn. I get left alone now. Granted I do not suffer from the crime you do, but I do not trust anything. I am also up at night.

  3. ...i,like Bitmap,am glad yer lesson wasn't painful...something going 'bump in the night' ?...i do not open my door without my shooter in hand...

    ...perfect paranoia,is perfect

  4. Me thinks you should not have opened the door without a weapon & light in hand ,it could have been costly,next time have it together & pounce, good luck ........oveking

  5. Glad that nothing serious happened...

    ...but I'd have brought a gun. Preferably a 12 gauge with an 18 inch barrel. Rack that baby and the majority of goblins become Olympic-class sprinters and high-jumpers.

  6. My first thought was to grab a gun, but since the "action" was outside I decided against it. I am not sure what the law in WA is about "Brandishing" a weapon, and don't want to find out the hard way.

    Sometimes the "Goblins" are my oldest son (18 1/2) and some of his friends stopping by the house to "git sumpin" on their way to the next Goblin rendezvous. Usually involves my refrigerator.

    Other times it is other less well regarded neighborhood goblins. They are the one I suspect of the damage. The thefts I attribute to the meth-heads that prowl about at night looking to steal anything they can.

    Since I can hear people that are walking up the steps, and the motion sensor will trigger the porch light, I know if anyone is at the door.

    The noise I heard was out in the street, and therfore not a direct threat. That is the only reason I was not in a "ready" mode when I stepped out onto the darkened porch to observe what was going on.

    I have several more motion sensor lights to install, with at least one to cover the area near my backyard gate.

    I feel these are a stop-gap measure until I can get my surveillance system installed. I have the PC and just need the Camera systems now.

    Once that is up and working I may bait the trap and see if I can nail some goblin ass on camera so the LEO's can pick them up on at least trespassing charges.

  7. I'm with Anony, my Mossberg would have been in hand. We can do that in Texas....

  8. Great stuff this is!