Thursday, July 23, 2009

Word on the Street

I stopped at the store on my way home from work on monday to pick up some items I was planning for dinner. As I walked into the store I passed by a Man and his wife (presumed) talking with a second man. As I passed by I overheard the words "training for civil unrest".

I paused in my step and looked back at the trio, then resumed my path into the store. I stopped again inside the store at which time my curiosity overcame my discretion and I walked back out to the trio. Unceromoniously butting into their conversation I asked "Did I just hear you just say Civil Unrest?"

The (apparent) husband replied "No, I didn't say that".

My reply, "I could have sworn I heard you say that!"

Him "Ok, I did say that but I was just joking"

Me "The way things are going, it may be a real event soon"

I then left them to their conversation.

The second man had a ex military look to him, or perhaps he was a LEO. His hair was close cropped but not extremely short. Perhaps they were both LEO's. They didn't say, I didn't ask. They didn't seem to want to share their insights with me.

While I never did hear what exactly they were talking about, the fact that someone is training for "Civil Unrest" and it is being openly talked about on the streets is a cause for a bit of concern. Thankfully I don't live in a highly populated area of the northwest where it could become a major concern.


  1. Civil Unrest is way past due I think. We all should have taken to the streets years ago. No doubt they are training for such an event, even the PTB know that we just can't take much more without a fight. At least I hope I'm right. LOL

    Code Name "Bullseye"

  2. I wouldn't be one bit surprised, those joint training missions border agencies sounds just coincidental.

    Or maybe my tinfoil hat is cutting circulation to brain, hope so at least.

    Here's a link with more information

  3. We definitely are in the beginning throes of civil unrest and I sure hope it escalates more rapidly. Of course, with the Dipshit in DC making such racist comments and putting down cops, elevating the black experience, and continuing to denigrate this country and its people to foreign nations, we need a rapid deployment force to rid ourselves of this commie crud.
    Oh, gee, I'm getting carried away. The topic is civil unrest.
    Yes, I am also hearing chatter about it by people I never would have thought to imagine it.
    Lock and load, keep it handy.
    Shy III

  4. We are way overdue for some civil unrest. Protesting, calling "representatives" and such ain't working. The fedgov is moving quickly to punish states who've declared their sovereignty. Their message is clear: "We are in charge, and you WILL obey"... I hate to bust their bubble, but I will not. I'm through with being a "good citizen", now I'm going to be an American.