Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Rewarding Month

July has been a good month here at Selous Scout's lair. It starts out with a 3 payday month, so one payday is devoted to preps and catching up on some of the bills.

Then, surprisingly, I get a bonus check as the company I work for is BUSY and making a profit. It is strange to see the difference between our industry and the plight of those who are getting laid off in droves.

My last car payment has been paid so an extra $325 a month is available to pay down debt, stock up on food and perhaps later become a land payment. I am at least a year behind on the preps I wanted to have on hand so I may earmark a large percentage for that.

I went to a moving sale last weekend and scored on the following items:
Large electric smoker $10
Stainless steel HD pots and pans with lids $10
3 pairs excellent shape steel toed work boots $5
Glass top L-shape computer desk $20
2.5 gallon gas can, free
5 gallon gas can, free
Kerosene heater, free
2 new server room outlet strips (3 prong plug), free

Last payday I added to my food store 20 lbs. each rice and pinto beans. I also purchased 25 lbs of all purpose flour for $4.99.

I like knives, always have. This month I added a Becker BK-7 to my collection. If you are familiar with knives you know that this and other Becker models are becoming hard to find as they have become a collectors item. Since they are no longer made it has become tougher to find them for a reasonable price. Now I have mine. HoooAhhhh!!

It is hotter than blazes here today, 102 by the weather sites. The thermometer on my front, north facing porch said 108. I suspect that my camper reflects some heat back onto the porch, but 108!

I am hiding out in my bedroom during this heat wave as I installed AC in all three bedrooms the week before all this heat. Usually I am behind the curve preparing for the summer heat, but this year I made sure I had adequate fans and now AC to relieve the miserability quotient.

Now, time to sit back and drink a ice cold beer.


  1. Pretty cool stuff, I saw this site with some useful info on Computer Desks. Hope it helps

  2. Way to go man, great month for you. Great deal on all the goodies too, and free gas cans?? WTH ?? Who gives away gas cans these day? Great find and glad to hear things are going your way. Keep on preppin.

    Code Name "Bullseye"

  3. Glad you are having a good month, my friend! About time some of us caught a break...

    Keep the good news coming!

  4. Man, some great scores there - congratulations on your good fortune. Man, heat is everywhere - heard this morning that Medford Oregeon got to 109 yesterday - dang, that makes our 100ish weather downright balmy.

    Good to hear job is secure, hope future continues to be the case. Knives - yeah, I have an addiction for collecting sharp pointy objects myself, that is a good one.

    Try and stay cool.

  5. any chance of next chapter of your cache story? its what got me started reading your blog. thanks

  6. Have a beer or two for me, maybe a six pack, Bernie.......SBL

  7. Yuppers add some good whiskey- the stuff gets so much better with age! (Seriously I have a bottle or two and add to it every 6 months or so...)

  8. Glad to see someone getting ahead! And the heat ain't so bad, we get four months of that down here....

  9. ...gotta love estate/moving sales,sadly,there are alot of them around here,but great for me/'personal' sales have been smokin' the flea markets these days,we check the local paper every wednesday...
    ...congrats on the 'stores',always a good feelin to sock away sumthin'...
    ...Becker,now theres a name i aint seen in yrs...good knives so i heard...
    ...and i'm wishin' y'all some of this rain we've had,hope next month's even better for ya...

  10. Thanks for coming by and commenting folks!

    For the inquiring minds, I am working on several chapters of the cache currently, mostly organizing notes and outlines so as not to introduce contradictions and inconsistencies into the story line.

    With spring and summer being the busy months, it is hard to spend the time needed to write a story.

  11. You might get your food preps caught up immedately. No one can guarantee that food will be available in a couple months. Just my $.02


  12. Catching up on my previously planned food storage goals is foremost in my mind. I hope it will fit into my reality.