Thursday, October 2, 2008

Silence Is Golden

Some of you have voiced your dissatisfaction with the frequency of my posts. I am sorry that you do not feel that you are getting your moneys worth. I do not beg for $0.10 a day nor do I run advertisements on my blog. I receive no financial gain for my writing. This is not meant to be a criticism of those that do. I just don't, as that was never my intent. I post here when I feel I have something relevant to say.

I started this blog with a desire to share some of my ideas with others, with no promises as to frequency of posting or life span of the blog. Since starting this blog, many other survival/prepping related blogs have sprung up, some perhaps due to my postings. If that is indeed the case, I feel my blog has made an impact, and if I never post another bit of info again, I at least have positively influenced the prepper community and am satisfied with that.

With all the new blogs, the pool of decent topics gets picked clean quickly, and rather than just rehash what was posted elsewhere, I will post my comments on those topics on the other blogs. I have recently had several ideas for blog posts posted by others before I had the substance of my article formed.

I am proud to say that those who "read my mind" did so well that no comment by me was felt necessary. So I am sitting back and enjoying reading what others are thinking when I get the chance, and if I see a topic which has not been thoroughly picked to death, and feel I can add another viewpoint with some value, I will post on that. I do not want my blog to become just a commentary on headline news topic either.

The blog is not dead, just in hiatus.

Unless specifically crafted for profit, most blogs are very personal to their authors, an extension of themselves. Such is mine. If I wish to share something I will post it.

I do not want to post just so that my words and thoughts are in print and possibly read by others. My ego is not that big nor am I so important. Events also have a way of intruding into a person's life, altering their priorities and sometimes creating havoc. I have had my share. I am just recovering from a computer virus which wrecked havoc on my machine. I had backups of important data, but getting rid of the virus required me to wipe my hard drive and start all over from scratch. There are other more personal events which I will not discuss, except to say they have worn me down. I will recover, but my brain needs a break.

So if you don't wish to stop by every day, I understand. Setup an RSS feed to let you know when a new post appears, or if you use Firefox, I think there is a plug-in that will track your selected blogs and alert you to new posts. That’s the way I think I will be going.

Whether I post or not, keep on prepping and don't forget to enjoy some of life as you do. Our country may be going downhill, but it is still the greatest nation on earth where you can enjoy almost everything that humanity can conceive. Look at Somalia and thank God you don't live there!

I do not want anyone to think this post is criticizing how they manage their blogs (except the snot green one), it is just my viewpoint.