Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Additions

Miss Poosey, the guard cat,

decided to bring Mischief and Mayhem into our home.

Lord help us!

Born 5/28/09


No, the JBTs didn't get me for those who wondered.

I do not know how many of you have heard of let alone visited the Instructables website, but I find it to be a very good source of projects, whether they be building your own wind generator or hydroponic garden. The projects are mostly available in pdf format and so are easily downloaded, if you join!

The website also sends out a newsletter every Thursday with some new projects. Check it out. I think you will enjoy it.

Here are some of the projects I was interested in.

British - Stinging Nettle Beer

A Swing Set that Generates Electricity

Make Oars from Two by Fours

Cheap and Simple Gear Puller

Floating Dock with Barrels

Aluminum Can, Saltwater and Charcoal Battery

Small NFT Hydroponics System

Hydroponics - at Home and for Beginners

My Indoor DWC Hydroponics System

Aeroponic System

Making Solid Rocket Fuel in the Lab

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tinfoil Hat Time

I was lying in bed last night trying to fall asleep when the mothership began to beam thoughts into my head. Since I was trying to sleep, I was not wearing my protective tinfoil hat and was thus susceptible to the programming they beamed at me…

What if the swine flu outbreak in Mexico was a biological weapon? Anyone who has been around on the Net has heard rumors of the Chinese Army massing in Mexico, somewhere over the border. What if the CIA spread the flu, hoping to infect and decimate this army? We know that it currently has the ability to infect one in three people, and we have seen that it can kill, though it seems more likely to kill those who are suffering from other debilitating illnesses. We also know that China has not shared much if any data on any outbreaks in their territorys.

So what if when it hits the second time (this Fall?) the mortality rate is higher amongst those who are infected? Will it decimate this secret Chinese army? Is it the target of this out break? Does it really exist? There is some chatter about this strain affecting Hispanics more than other races. Will the next wave target Asians?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Down Again

Well it was a short lived respite with the router. It is down again, and won't be coaxed back to operational status. Looks like I will have to budget in a new one. I wonder if I am being hacked?

I have seen some headlines on this Flu strain that is going around that may become a cause of concern.

One stated that it seemed that for some reason Hispanics were more susceptible to this variant than others.

We have certainly seen a higher mortality rate in Mexico than elsewhere. Is this the CIA’s gift to Hugo Chavez? Will we see this strain reemerge this fall, stronger and more virulent?
The other headline said that the Swine flu could hit one in three.

I still feel that this flu was concocted in a lab to cull the population. There has been no pandemic Avian Influenza, so those who stand to benefit from the crisis have engineered a population bomb with this new strain of swine flu. If it were to become more lethal this fall, with the ability to infect 1 out of 3 persons, it could possibly kill many of the elderly and those with impaired health as well as those thought to be healthy. If you follow closely the reports of who is dying, it seems that many of them reportedly have other ailments from which they were suffering.

Take this time now to stock up on the items needed to combat the flu before we get into the normal flu season.

Here is some interesting reading for you:

Take care of yourselves and keep on preparing.