Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So Long and Thanks for all the... Money!

Crooks, Criminals, Robbers and Thieves!

Top banks cut small business lending by $8 billion

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There's lots more in the article about the Gov's plans for creating jobs.

These Banks, their board of directors should be dragged screaming from their homes in the middle of the night to meet a tree limb and a well knotted rope for their part in our economic collapse.

What does it take to piss off all the american people? No matter what your political view, you are being shafted along with all the other parties; one size fits all.

Only when the power grid dies and they can't watch 'Dancing with the Assholes', it's then I guess.

We, The People

As a nation, we have an opportunity to send a message to the criminals in DC that their time of gorging and wallowing in the Public trough is coming to an end. Our local and state elections are nearing, affording us to send a glimpse of what will soon befall them to these dinosaurs in office.

Why do we keep re-electing these fossils to represent us? I suspect it is because we expect wisdom to come with age. However in most cases, it is greed that comes with years of political experience. Enough!

I am taking a new philosophy at how I view public SERVANTS. 1 term only, then you are out! Unless your job performance has benefited all the people in your districts in measurable ways, you have got one shot at it. This will remove the old stale thought processes and refresh the pool of Ideas more frequently.

It will also cost those who buy our elected officials more money to retain the same influence. I also think that the states should look at shortening the Terms of all Congress creatures to half of what they currently serve. This would also limit the influence peddling that goes on behind the scenes. Is this doable? With the will of the people I believe it is.

A message needs to be sent: Incumbents Out! Don't think you are going to settle into a nice career in politics because you are only going to get one shot at it.

The power to change lies with We, The People!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Road Kill

This time of year is extremely rough on the wildlife in my area. On the way to Tijuana on the Skykomish, you can see all kinds of unfortunate critters who have met their demise by automobile. Just between my hometown and where I work (5 miles) yesterday I counted four. They are predominately raccoons.

Today on my way to work, about a mile and a half from work I came upon three live raccoons standing in the middle of the highway. Traveling at 50+ mph did not give me or them time to avoid each other and I ran over two of them. As my headlights hit them, one lumbered off into the incoming lane while the other two just milled about in the center of my lane. Thump bump crunch!

Road Kill.

Now I feel bad about hitting them as I wished them no ill, but it goes to show that without any natural enemies in the area, the coon population is very heavy, forcing them into urban areas. In my own backyard I have seen, opossum, deer, squirrels, and raccoons, which by the way built a nest and had their young in the attic of one of my storage buildings. I have even seen a coyote running down the street in the early morning hours on my way to work.

In the spirit of Halloween, I leave you with this picture of the un-dead.

Scary huh!