Monday, April 13, 2009

Down, but not out!

Something took out my wireless router last Friday and knocked the broadband modem for a loop. The modem seems to be working ok now but it leaves my home network non-existent. So this is being posted from my work. I will find a replacement soon, it just was not a planned expense and there is currently no money available for replacement. All the computers seem fine and I can get the network up and running for about 30 seconds, and then the signal collapses and I lose connection. Yeah, I tried all the normal troubleshooting techniques. I bought it used, so perhaps this is the end of its life.

Go Navy! Go Seals! Yeah team for taking out those asshole Somali pirates. Don’t stop now! They ought to bombard that port city Eyl, level it to the ground. Sink every fishing boat and ship found on the coast, and any of the Somalis found at sea should be hung on the spot. They are no different than any Islamic terrorist scum, and should be exterminated where ever they are found!

The weather has turned cold again and all I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep. My sleep pattern has been so badly disrupted that I am having a horrendous time getting back on schedule. I am in bed by 3:30pm most days because I can’t stay awake, and someone or something usually wakes me before I get thru REM state. This makes me feel ill for a short period and since the edge has been taken off my sleepiness, I will be up until 11:00pm! Noises from the street are the biggest culprits, followed by teenagers searching for the phone (portable), looking for bus money, etc…

I am preparing for meltdown such as I can on my constricted budget, and still am able to sock away canned food. My upright freezer is malfunctioning and stuff is starting to thaw. My chest freezer is crammed full as well as the freezers in both reefer’s. So I am eating the food left in the freezer on a daily basis, as long as it isn’t fully thawed. This model Kenmore (253.XXXX) has known problems so I will be trying to get the needed components to facilitate repairs. My chest freezer is over 31 years old and still runs great!

I have been preparing a “Selous Scout’s Survival Manual” for my youngest son. I keep adding pages to it as I go. The information is more geared to surviving post Apocalypse instead of the same old stuck out in the woods, waiting to be rescued survival books. It has complete teardown, cleaning and reassembly info for his chosen firearm. Information on making moccasins, Hexa-yurt building instructions, plans for building a 12x16 stick frame cabin, edible local plants and so on. Good, solid, use it today type info. It will be growing as I find relevant info for it.

Now I need to get to work as the “Sheeple” parade has started.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Even More Sinister Technology!

Can you imagine this?

Who can imagine the sinister deeds our Gov would implement with this technology!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Frightening Technology

The possibilty for governmental abuse of this technology is very disconcerting.

Sure, it's a great tool for catching criminals, but what if the Gov decides you are a criminal for posessing Heirloom seeds, more than 72 hours of food, more than 525 rounds of ammunition?

Big Brother is watching you!