Monday, September 26, 2011

Complete Randomness

My mind has gone on vacation.


Fall has moved in today, with a vegeance! The wind is blowing and a thunderstorm is roaming about in the mountains nearby. It is cold today. yesterday I roamed about the house in a pair of shorts and my slippers, no shirt required. Today, it is raining, the temperature requiring a shirt and soon a pair of jeans. It seems as though the seasons have shifted by about two weeks.

The wind is battering the maples in my yard, as if in practice for the powerful winds of late Fall and Winter. The leaves are not quite ready to give up their purchase upon the tree limbs, and so the struggle seems more animated than usual.

Attempting to stand as an individual quickly earns one the swift knocks intended to beat you back into the mold of the submissive serf - Selous Scout

A quote from somewhere:
Turkey wants Israel to apologize for killing 9 of its thugs.
Whats good for one is good for all.
Turkey must apologize for the:
2 million (some historians put that number to 2.75 million) butchered Armenians,
1 million butchered Albanians,
759,000 butchered Greeks,
500,000 butchered Hungarians,
750,000 butchered Assyrians,
1 250,000 butchered Eastern Europeans,
40,000 butchered Kurds,
30,000 butchered Cypriots...
As a former Turkish Prime Minister Erbakan said: "The whole of Europe will be Muslim. We take Rome.

To answer a question from "Smack", about how I finally fastened my bipod to my Marlin Model 60:
"How did you get the bipod mounted? I have an ATG bipod with the same ATI stock you have but the swivel studs that came on the stock are way smaller than the one for the bipod. Did you just drill and tap a bigger hole?"
Here is a photo.

Just 2 black nylon wire ties cinched down real tight!
Low tech, but works well. Easy to carry a few spares as they take up no space and weigh next to nothing.

When the last christian leaves california, I hope it falls off the map.

Received this from my friend Vlad Strelok (
Government Officials Fleeing DC Link Rats Off A Sinking Ship, This Could Be The Big One
Take it for what it's worth.
Made a readiness check lately? This makes a good excuse.

Bill Drake, author of The Cultivator’s Handbook of Natural Tobacco and the “Cultural Dimensions”  series has made available for free a new ebook that he has written titled "Post-Apocalyptic Personal and Family Security". the  ebook can be found at Ranger Man's site, SHTFblog.

The strange thing is that he sent me the same document, only with the title "Personal & Family Security In Chaotic Times". Oh well, the content is the same so go get it at Ranger Man's site and tell him Selous sent ya'. (if you want to, that is).

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Solicitation

I got this a while back:

Michelle Reindal []


I am a producer working with a major network, and I’m casting for a television show about survivalists. You’ve most likely been contacted by other producers as well, as a lot of companies are clamoring for this kind of show.

I realize that the ideas at the core of survivalism don’t really coincide with appearing on national television, however, I think it’s an opportunity to get your voice heard. For people to hear what you believe, why you believe it, and why other people should be preparing. There are a lot of misconceptions about survivalists, and it’s going to take one person to make a difference and go on national television and get other people to take part in your cause.

This show will be 30 minutes, and will feature two survivalists. We will talk to you and get a look at your preparations/bunker/guns/cave/etc, and then we will bring in a survivalist expert to evaluate what you’ve done so far, to see how long you’ll really survive if a catastrophe hit.

If you’re interested, or know someone who may be, please reply and let me know. I’ve attached a questionnaire and some video instructions, for if you want to apply to be on the show.

Thank you for your time,

Michelle | producer | screaming flea productions

I went to their website (did a web search for it) I didn't find any mention of this person being on staff. Perhaps an oversight on their webmasters part.

I didn't bother to reply.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

swissRoomBox Portable Camper

I came across this and thought it was kind of cool. I am not sure what the price is, but I bet it is expensive.

swissRoomBox "Home on Board" World Innovation

Something like this would be very convienient in a small-space, hidden, Hideout/Camp, built into a eating area and gear cache, with sleeping accomodations for 2 persons.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Supercomputer predicts revolution

I can predict shit too, does that make me a supercomputer?

Supercomputer predicts revolution
Feeding a supercomputer with news stories could help predict major world events, according to US research.

A study, based on millions of articles, charted deteriorating national sentiment ahead of the recent revolutions in Libya and Egypt.

While the analysis was carried out retrospectively, scientists say the same processes could be used to anticipate upcoming conflict.

The system also picked up early clues about Osama Bin Laden's location.
Kalev Leetaru, from the University of Illinois' Institute for Computing in the Humanities, Arts and Social Science, presented his findings in the journal First Monday. 

Mood and location
 The study's information was taken from a range of sources including the US government-run Open Source Centre and BBC Monitoring, both of which monitor local media output around the world.
News outlets which published online versions were also analysed, as was the New York Times' archive, going back to 1945.

In total, Mr Leetaru gathered more than 100 million articles.
Reports were analysed for two main types of information: mood - whether the article represented good news or bad news, and location - where events were happening and the location of other participants in the story.

Mood detection, or "automated sentiment mining" searched for words such as "terrible", "horrific" or "nice".

Location, or "geocoding" took mentions of specific places, such as "Cairo" and converted them in to coordinates that could be plotted on a map.

Analysis of story elements was used to create an interconnected web of 100 trillion relationships.
Read The Article Here:

This sounds like what Clif High and the web bots are doing, somewhat.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

West Coast Thuggery

Obama's Minions at work here on the West coast.

LONGVIEW, Wash. -- Hundreds of Longshore workers stormed the Port of Longview early Thursday, overpowered and held security guards, damaged railroad cars, and dumped grain that is the center of a labor dispute, said Longview Police Chief Jim Duscha.

Six guards were detained for a couple of hours after 500 or more Longshoremen broke down gates about 4:30 a.m. and smashed windows in the guard shack, he said.

No one was hurt, and nobody has been arrested. Most of the protesters returned to their union hall after cutting brake lines and spilling grain from car at the EGT terminal, Duscha said.

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union believes it has the right to work at the facility, but the company has hired a contractor that's staffing a workforce of other union laborers.

Meanwhile, the international union is investigating reports of a wildcat strike at the ports of Seattle and Tacoma.

"It appears the members have taken action on their own," said ILWU spokesman Craig Merrilees from union headquarters in San Francisco. "We're trying to understand how many are involved and to what extent this apparent wildcat action has spread."

Thursday's violence at Longview was first reported by Kelso radio station KLOG.

Police from several agencies in southwest Washington, the Washington State Patrol and Burlington Northern Santa Fe responded to the violence to secure the scene that followed a demonstration Wednesday.

"We're not surprised," Duscha said. "A lot of the protesters were telling us this in only the start."

One sergeant was threatened with baseball bats and retreated, Duscha said. "One officer with hundreds of Longshoremen? He used the better part of discretion."

The train was the first grain shipment to arrive at Longview. It arrived Wednesday night after police arrested 19 demonstrators who tried to block the tracks. They were led by ILWU International President Robert McEllrath, who said they would return.

The blockade appeared to defy a federal restraining order issued last week against the union after it was accused of assaults and death threats.

EGT chief executive Larry Clarke said it was unfortunate that law enforcement needed to make arrests.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Uncle Big Sis Comes to Visit

A couple of weeks ago Uncle Big Sis stopped by for a visit. I noticed it when I examined my stats counter.

It seems SHe/IT was interested in my post on the Survival Bible and Chapter 14 of The Cache.

Why only those 2 posts?

Quick, vigilant readers! What is the connection?

That's right!

Both posts mention DHS. It seems they are scouring the web to see what their popularity rating is, so that they can improve their image with the white, middle aged, middle income clingers to of Bible, Religion and Guns!

And if SHe/IT can make the disaffected veterans of unjust wars returning to our soil feel warm and fuzzy, so much the better!

I have only one question! (no really, just one)

Does this mean I am now (in)Famous?