Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Too Cool!

Now this sounds just too cool!

Safir Arms .410 AR-15 Upper With Mag [D10L1] No Rifling smooth bore Hunting barrel, Used for Semi-auto only comes with one 5rd mag .410 Caliber, Works best with Winchester or Federal 2 3/4 shells, Made In Turkey $579.99

Cope's Distributing

Check it out!.They have got other great gear also, for reasonable prices. I am not compensated or affiliated with Cope's. Just a happy customer!

Add this to your collection of uppers (6.8, 9mm, etc...) for the AR family. I am willing to bet that a 20 or 30 round mag can be modded for use also. Nothing like a potential 15+ rnd .410 mag loaded up with slugs and buckshot to ruin someones or somethings day!


  1. Well, that is cool. Have heard many positive comments about the Saiga .410 and this one appears to be in same vein.

    Not sure how practical the unit is, but I think the .410 cartridge is highly underrated as a foraging round. I figure if (when?) SHTF, wing shooting will quickly become a thing of the past, and pot shots at sitting game will become the rule (waste no ammo unnecessarily).

    The smaller shot load of the .410 will do less damage to your target, yet still has enough in case multiple targets are close by. Also extends your reloading capability, the .410 having roughly 1/2 the amount of shot a 12 does.

    Because of this, I keep a few single-shot .410s around. They have a lighter, smaller receiver that is easier to carry than the larger bored shotguns. Including the Yildiz made single shot .410, which has a very long 28" barrel (reduces report), yet folds in half, making it easier to carry in a rucksack - very convenient. And priced to move - Academy has them for $120 or thereabouts.

    Bug in the ointment for the .410 - factory ammo cost - very expensive. Definitely plan on reloading if you like shooting your .410s.

  2. The price of this thing has always put me off when I can find a used single shot .410 for $100 or less and a used pump .410 for $200 or less and both of them can take 3" shells.

    If you live in a place that puts a limit on how many firearms you can own then this might be a good deal.

    A .410 does work well for squirrels and rabbits but as noted the price of ammo is higher than 12ga or 20ga.

  3. I agree with Bitmap. I also do not know if the Turks are good at this sort of thing, which puts me off. It is interesting to see the AR family branch into shotguns though. It will only be a matter of time before somebody in America makes a better one in all the gauges.

  4. SWEET!!! I gotta get me one of them...

  5. ...being an AR fan,i want one just because...anyway,i have the three popular flavors,the 6.8 is my next 'caliber'...i guess soon we'll have to 'gauge' the ARs'

  6. How about a single shot break-open 12ga. upper for under $100? That is something I'd probably go get.

    I don't think the recoil would be any worse than a .50 Beowulfe.