Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I decided to upgrade the look of the Blog and made some changes. I am happy with it for the most part. Does anyone view the uTube videos at the bottom of the page? If not I will get rid of them to clean things up a bit. I have also been considering going with the monetizing bit. I have resisted commercializing my site so far, but I could use any income it generated.

I may have to truncate my Blog roll as it has gotten to be huge!!!!

Also I added the translation widget for any foreign readers out there that struggle with English.
The site seems to be best viewed with Firefox, and there seems to be a small issue with IE 8. I have not tested it with IE 6 or IE 7.

I am also adding product reviews to my itinerary, starting with products I have recently purchased and am opening up to evaluate new products from retailers. I am also preparing to issue a link policy, as some retailers have requested such.

So, drop me a line, tell me the site looks great, or that it sucks.


  1. I like it- great background and really easy to read!

  2. I like the new look as well, white text on dark background is somewhat easier to read - thanks for the effort to upgrade.

  3. Looks good to me! I wish more bloggers would use the white text on darker backgrounds...sure does make it easier to read for these old eyes!

  4. The site looks great! Very appropriate for the topic.

  5. Hard to read white on black,especially in the wee hours of the morn

  6. Crap1 Why do I have to always buck the masses? Maybe if I close the side bar on Firefox, it will be easier to read.

    Loco Gato
    Be safe, be free

  7. Looks good. I don't do commercials myself, but it's yer blog and you can do what ya wanna. I'll still come by. HA! Verification word is "scout"! Cool....

  8. Like it. Dump the uTube unless it's something you will stick in a posting. Get your money where you can, you're working at this, get something for it.

  9. I like it, too, Scout- looks AWEsome. Honestly, a great job. As to the videos: I'm on dial up so I don't watch any, and I'm sure a lot of others are as well. Not that it matters much, I read and pass over the movies. If someone inserts a vid and no chatter about it, I just go to the next site. (Actually dropped visiting some sites cuz they had too many vids and not enough thinking- and why I'm not blogging much lately: SOS daily.)
    Keep up the good work.
    God bless.
    Shy III

  10. hi. i like the new site. i wondered though, why there's not more info on the selous scouts? what is their history? what made them special? were they different than other spec ops groups? if so how?
    [or perhaps i missed the link].

    thanks. (and i'm anxiously awaiting your next instalment of The Cache ;-)

  11. I like the look... and please don't drop me off your blog roll!

    You post me as Survival Thoughts.

    When is the next installment of your story?

  12. I like the look of the new site, it lends something to the subject, it fits well. Nice job.

  13. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting on the changes. Since most everyone has positive things to say about the new format I will keep it.

    Loco Gato, on my computer at work the background appeared black until I adjusted the color settings which made it look near what it does on my home computer. Adjust the Gamma, Brightness and Contrast settings of the video card made it appear a mid-dark reddish brown. It did wash out some of the other colors until I fiddled around with it enough.

    Michael, youtube videos have been dumped.

    Anonymous 8:05 PM, I haven’t included any links to the real life Selous Scouts because a quick search on Google will get you all you want to know about them.

    Survival Chic, don’t worry, you were not cut.

    Thanks again everybody.

    The Blogroll has been moved to its own page and includes all the live links that I am reading. I will be adding a few more as I find more sites of interest.

  14. understood scout. just think your words would carry even more weight with bit of your history.
    (none the less, i'm delighted i stumbled upon your site :-)