Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The People Have Spoken

Massachusetts has spoken!
Are the rest of you Demoncrap politicians listening?
Your turn in November!


Repugnicans, listen up! This is about not listening to the will of the people, not a full scale embracing of your agenda. Pay attention to the voters, or they will remove you too!

Double Hah!


  1. A year ago, voters told GOP they were out of touch.

    6 months ago, Tea Party protests told both (D)&(R) they were out of touch.

    Yesterday, voters told Dems they were out of touch.

    Common theme - Only both parties still think voters are voting FOR them.

    Voters consistently reject the partisan kleptocrat (aka typical politician). But that's all that is offerred by either party = different shades of the same ilk (self-serving statist kleptocrats).

  2. I also think it a wake up call to ALL politicians. To those who think loyalty to your political party overrides loyalty to those who put you there, you have been served. Only 8 1/2 months until November - tick tock tick tock.

  3. So very very happy about this!

  4. All I can say is that Brown better stay true to his word, or there will be hell to pay in Mass....

  5. In fact he looks like he has already shown his neocon colors and now is through the campaign and can tell everyone how they are going to run our lives.

    - this is just a lesson on why we should NOT get worked up over political whores - THERE IS NOT A DIMES BIT OF DIFFERENCE. -


  6. Stopped the Demoncrats like a brick wall at least for the time being..but its thier agenda so it will come back in one form or another within 3 yrs..the folks in Mass showed them!..but cant stop here..stop them cold every chance we can by voting the bastards out!..then we can do it to the republicans as when they get back into power as they will do same as the 'crats..we need a true patriot in there again..and the only one I know of is Palin as she talks the talk and walks the walk..shes no brain..but all we need is someone with common sense and a little loyalty to country and ppl ..the dems and pubs today are two cars on different routes taking us to the same place in the end

  7. Let's just hope come November people are still involved enough to get out there and vote all of these idiots out of office. It's time to just hit the reset button VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

  8. don't the republications see what they've Of all the stupid things, they have to win kennedys seat if anything will ever bring somebody back from the dead that will do it. and we will have to suffer him another 50 yrs