Friday, April 2, 2010

More of This and That

For all of you who have been wondering why I have been silent of late, it is because of my headaches. By the time I get home from work I have a nasty throbbing headache that forces me to bed early and again a few hours later. I needed glasses. 3 years ago I only needed a pair of glasses for reading books, my distance vision was fine. Reading print on the computer screen was fine. Fast forward to today, and I am now wearing a pair of progressive lenses, trifocals! Yeah, I picked up my new glasses today and am getting used to them, sorta!

And guess what, no headache!

Yesterday was 3ohEight’s 18th birthday! I made him an awesome steak dinner and then we all sat around and drank a beer together. It was a Henry Wienhard’s ROOT BEER!!!

Good stuff!

I went to the Big 5 Sporting Goods store today to pick up 3 sleeping bags that were on sale. They were a 3 lb Suisse Sport Alpine Mummy bag, rated to +5F. At $29.00 on sale. Made in China, of course. I asked for 3 but the manager only had the display model and one other in stock. He asked if I wanted to order one but I declined. He then gave me an additional 10% off on the display model which I was pleased with.

While waiting for him to return with the bags, I noticed a MN 91/30 in the gun rack. It had the PU sniper scope and mount, for $499.00. If I had the money I would have bought it, but since I only had enough for the 3 bags, I refrained from asking to look at it and thus torture myself. Since I was still getting used to my glasses, I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at ammo and other gear, I just wanted to get home.

At the end of December, I joined the Gevalia gourmet coffee home delivery club/service/whatever. I got a coffeemaker, travel mug, and 4 packages of coffee delivered for around $21. The service sends you the amount of coffee you choose at the intervals you choose. I was to get 4 more packages within 6 weeks after I received my intro package. They have an online calculator that calculates how much you need and how often you need it based on your daily consumption. Sounds cool, huh?

It was, until they screwed up my 1st scheduled shipment. The shipping method they used was UPS “basic”. From what I determined, UPS will deliver it to the US Post Office in your city/town, and then the post office completes delivery to you. Works great if you have home mail delivery. If you don’t they return it to sender as undeliverable “at this address”. My town does not have home mail delivery within the city limits. So my oder got sent back.

I called Gevalia and they apologized and said they would send out a replacement shipment within a few days. I made sure to specify that they send it to my home address, and not the Post Office. No problem was the reply. The same stupidity that fouled up my first delivery managed to manifest itself in the replacement shipment. I always track my UPS shipments using their tracking software, so I was able to watch as my coffee was returned to sender as undeliverable at this address.

Such incompetence is intolerable when you are running a company. I called and told them I wanted my money back and to cancel my account. They spewed apologies all over the place, performed in place backflips and offered to rub my feet if I would stay. Well, actually they offered to send me the replacement for the replacement for the scheduled shipment for free and refund my money also. I reluctantly agreed and here I am, 3 weeks later still waiting for my money and my shipment.

Do not do business with this company. However, your results may vary.

I am considering doing a series of posts entitled: Selous’s Gear. It will feature some of my survival and prepping gear that I feel is worth sharing. The next post of “The Cache” will be complete much sooner now that I have my new glasses and can actually see the monitor without sticking my face 6” inches from the screen. Very awkward and uncomfortable.

All the shenanigans being pulled by the PTB may just be so much subterfuge. Be alert and vigilant, for the Hutaree may just be a practice run for rounding up all dissenters. If they can segregate and demonize each group they attack, no one will care until the last patriot is hauled off to the camps for disposal, or Wacoed  in their homes. You are already known as a possible terrorist thanks to the slime at the Stupendously Preposterous Lie Creators center for citizen demonization.

Stay Frosty



  1. The Hutaree was a practice round. From which the fedgov learned they can take us down, one by one, without fear of reprisal. Hang together, or hang seperately...

  2. Nice to have you back, Bernie.....sbl

  3. When my vision went bad, the magnification available on my computer helped immensely.

  4. Yay, you're back!! Sorry to hear about the headaches, but at least you found the source of the pain.
    Tri-focals eh? Hmmmmm, Selous...sounds like you've joined us "old farts" club! LOL
    Looking forward to "The Cache".

  5. I think maybe the weight of the world you carry could be causing you pain. The government is not the problem, rather, we're our own problem.

    The solution is not to arm and fight, but to create Heaven on Earth. Unification is the only way, though I'm a fighter with words...

  6. Glad to have you back on board. when I found "The Cache", I happened to have my BOB setting at my feet and you gave me some new things to consider. I live in a very wooded area and at home I could vanish quickly when TSHTF. I had never considered being caught suddenly away from my supplies. Thank you very much. You may save many lives with your amazing story!!