Monday, May 17, 2010

The Backwoodsman Magazine

The latest issue of  The Backwoodsman Magazine is full of great articles that should be of interest to any prepper. Back issues are available as well as are 3, Best Of Backwoodsman compendiums. A lot of valuable information if you were suddenly thrust from your home without being able to take your modern gear with you.

Knowledge is power!
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In the May/June 2010 issue
Notes From Charlie
Homemade Banjo Construction
Taking To The Backwoods
The Joys of Old Knives
A Fistful Of Snares
The Dry-Stacked Masonry Forge
Plastic Pails
How to Buy and Sell at Auctions
The German 1888 Commission Rifle
The Rice Harvest
Finding Old Time Woodslore Online
Knots and Rope
Making a Fire Bed With Hot Rocks
Preparing A Cache
Gear N Things
Churning Your Own Butter
Jim Bowie and The Sandbar Fight
Old Time Live Bait Gathering
The Art of Tracking
The 1860 Colt Army Revolver
The Hand Vise
The Spoon - Everybody's Fishing Lure
The Legend Of Mike Severs
The Old Goose Gun Comes Out Of Retirement
Backwoodsman Woodslore
Building A Homemade Shotgun Choke Tool
More Notes About Firewood
Inner Tubes For Summer Outings

Go ahead and check them out! You won't be disappointed!


  1. My favorite magazine - Charlie Ritchie does a good job with that one. I've written several articles in the past for it - it is well worth reading, especially if you like to spend time outdoors. If you haven't seen it yet, I also highly recommend it.

  2. I am considering purchasing the 4 volume set. At $45.00 including shipping, I think it would be a great deal. Vol. 1 and 2 have been combined into one book. Vol.s 3 and 4 are separate books.

  3. I have all three issues myself, that last one is good! Ritchie packs in a lot of little factoids / hints in odd corners, its kinda fun hunting around the ads and seeing other little tidbits that aren't articles but still yet teach. The front issue feedback columns too are great.

  4. hey are you all right? you have posted in a little while.

    just checking up on ya...Sol.

  5. Yeah, I'm ok. I have just been reading everyone else's blogs and fiddling around with my gear. I am also working on several posts related to my gear, I'm just not finished yet. Thanks for asking!

  6. Just received the July / August issue - houseboat article is very interesting reading. I always thought a houseboat along a little used waterway might be a good way to BO and stay safe. Food nearby. No paths leading to your home. Yeah, not too bad. Never having done so, there are probably some downsides.