Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tarp Shelter Setup and Tying the Prussic Knot

Tom from Canada asked for the link to this video, so here is the link and the video!

8x10 Tarp Setup

Also I'd mentioned some videos about tying knots so here is one of them.

Prussic Knot


  1. Hope this comment doesn't end up in your e-mail by mistake. The idea of showing people how to make a shelter out of a tarp is a good idea. This could come in handy for people using them in a car kit, tarps take up less room than a tent.

  2. All comments come to my email. Most make it into the comment section. For some reason a few don't. I understand this is a blogger issue. Fortunately yours made it this time!!!

    Tarps are cheap and with this setup you don't even need ropes. Add a reflector to your fire and you have a method of staying warm and dry.

  3. thanx scout. you rock!

    tom [from canada]

  4. Great way for providing extra shelters for kid backyard sleepouts. It wasn't always fear that drives youngsters indoors at dark o thirty, its the moisture / condensation settling on them that does it. A shelter like this would help in that regard.

    Thanks for the video link.