Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Short Update

I am glad so many of you have commented on 3oEight's story and have enjoyed it as I have. I get the privilege of editing his story's before posting, but I don't change them too much. I feel that the constructive criticism of the readers helps to allow the authors talents to grow by pointing out weaknesses in his presentation. We do discuss topics and such, but for the most part the story is 99% his.

I know many of you are waiting, wanting to boot me in the rear to see if you can dislodge another chapter of The Cache. I have been working on three different chapters concurrently and as I have the inspiration. Chapter 13 is halfway done, and is being held up by some details and a particularly violent interaction between the main character and an aggressor.

I seem to be attracting a lot of requests for linking to sites which are not related at all to the subject matter of this blog, nor are they of particular interest to me as their subject matter lies outside my main interests. I am considering a link policy because of this. And the requests show up in my comments as well as being emailed to me. Are these the spam comments that you are talking about receiving Mayberry? Hmmmm.... Decision coming soon!


  1. Let me guess, the space info guy... Funny how his name changes every time! I've had several others hounding me as well. The rest of the spam comments are some casino crap, lots of stuff in russian, the inevitable viagra, and various others. They always seem to show up on old posts... Oh yeah, the latest one it the guy who likes my blog and wants to know "how I'm doing, eh?". With a link in the comment, of course...

  2. Oops! I forgot the Nigerian scammer who writes a freakin' book for a comment in the most nonsensical broken English you've ever seen...

  3. Somebody should scam the scammers.

  4. Anonymous, that reminds me of one of the best one liners I have ever seen, Cancer needs to die of cancer.

    I just went to another funeral today for a damn nice lady that got took by it.

    Back to the subject, Yes, spammers and assholes have to be dealt with. There are several methods. The most common method is the one here when you have to type in a conformation series of letters that a "Bot" can't do. I had to resort to that myself and I hate it. I actually have to do that to respond to comments on my own Blog.

    Nobody likes having to do it but apparently some people have way too much time on their hands.

    Yes, I am anxiously awaiting the updates to the Cache, very much so, it is an excellent tale.

    The younger one has a serious ability also and I look forward to another installment of that also.

    The one critique I would heed is one that some one else already pointed out, the names sound too much alike for the two antagonists and you have to go back and forth from the beginning to try and tell them apart. Other than that, very well done for a first try.

    Kudos to both of you.

    I look forward to seeing more of both of your works in the near future.