Sunday, November 14, 2010


Have you ever met a man who can eat his own head?!
Defeat a dragon with his pinkie finger?
Kill twenty Samurai warriors with a towel!!?
Destroy a tank by flipping it the middle finger!?
Cause a seizure with a deathstare!?
Strike fear into the heart of a nation by shouting "Rowrooraw! Rowrooraw!"?
Take on a grizzly bear with a plastic fork!?
Make a plastic spoon rust?
Turn lights on and off with his mind!?
Move over Chuck Norris, 3oEight is comin' to town...

Bloggerville that is!

3oEight has started his own blog to publish the “expulsions of thought and creativity” that he is plagued by. It is the new home of the "Tales of Theanor" and his new post named “Phantoms” is up for reading!
So head on over to Reloaded With 3oEight and read the new post. Don't forget to bookmak it while you are there!


  1. Well now, I hope you can now get busy and fill up the blogwaves witrh your own fiction. I am glad to see jr. gettint his own blog.

  2. I am missing The Cache! I need my fix! It's been too long. Your current postings are great too, BUT what about The Cache???
    I have been left hangin too long. Pleaeaeeaeassse!!! And Thank you.

  3. You know Cathy, I think you've officially made the Fasha's story sound like a drug. You might have to get your next chapter from "black market burger dealer phill" if that be the case.