Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beware, Our Time Is Short!

to this:

and you may soon see this:

It you aren't already prepared, you may be to late!

Much ado 'bout nothing?
Unfortunately, we may be about to find out!


  1. Remus has some very relevant comments on his blog this week about partisans and their futures. Well worth the read - I had never considered that point of view before but he is right - yesterday's 'Freedom Fighter' is tomorrows 'Terrorist'.

    It does appear that those Homeland Security vehicles seem a little more armored than usual, they appear to be expecting incoming.

  2. These are some real heavy duty security vehicles. Nice post.

    belly fat

  3. Anyone for photo chop? The markings are incorrect...At least if you are going to make something look legit use markings that appear accurate. Please show any DHS vehicle that says "Police /Rescue"... It even looks hokie with half of the rescue over the panel. Not to mention DHS never lists a "Police" marked vehicle, ever. HSI uses Police patches for their SA's when they participate in raids, but oh, yeah, they have no marked units, so "Police" markings on HSI vehicles, again, not accurate. Let's move on to Border Patrol, who actually own Bearcats, not to be confused with the inaccurately marked APC's shown here. Border Patrol also never, ever, marks their vehicles with "Police", so again, incorrect, although they do have a few up armored Bearcats, but so do alot of SWAT teams. Police / Rescue. There is nothing proper about propaganda. Whomever created these hacked pics deserves a quick kick in the nards. There are so many other examples of what to be paranoid of that actually exist, why go through the trouble of making stuff up with something anyone with gov't experience can tell is fake? Maybe you are aiming more towards the Xbox crowd, I dunno.

  4. Can you back up your claims with anything other than words? What is your experience that you feel safe (anonymously) making your claims?

    Maybe it is photoshoped as you say. Then again, maybe it isn't. Maybe you are on the Gov payroll to spread disinformation.