Monday, November 7, 2011

With hunting season here, 3ohEight and I headed out to sight in our rifles. I had received a sample of some Fiocchi 30-30 150 Grain Ammo with PSP bullets from to try out and review. automatically donates a percentage of your total purchase to your chosen pro-military or pro-2nd amendment organization. They also have a broad selection of ammo, with more on the way.

The box is a little scuffed up from me opening and closing it. It was in pristine condition when it arrived. The ammo is bright and shiny brass cased, and is boxer primed so that it is reloadable.

Muzzle Vel. is 2390fps and 1582fps at 200 yards
Muzzle Energy is 1902fp and 834fp at 200 yards
Bullet Drop at 200 yards is -7.7
Ballistic Coefficient is 0.186
All specs taken from the Fiocchi online catalogue.

I used the data for 200 yards as that is about the longest shot you will ever get in Western Washington

I am sure that there are other perfomance reviews of this ammo out there so I will just review the seller and service. It was a pleasure to work with the representative who contacted me. He was curteous and helpful. I recieved the ammo in a very short time frame, better than expected with UPS ground service. I consider 5 working days to be very good service.

I received the ammo on the 3rd of November, having sent information needed for delivery on Oct 27th. The ammo was shipped from Toledo Ohio. It was packaged very well and the box showed little abuse from UPS. Even though the name sounds like it is made in Italy or some other foriegn nation, Fiocchi is made right here in the good ol' USA, in Ozark Missouri. There is more imformation about the company on their website. has a wide variety of ammo available for Centerfire Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun and Rimfire Rifle. Be sure to check out their Specials page for some great deals!

I look forward to doing business with again, and will request the money from my first purchase to go to a Pro-military organization

Got Ammo?


  1. check out for cheep prices. Larry

  2. I did a road trip instead, went to J&G Sales in Prescott, where the family picked up 3k rounds of various types.

  3. Thanks for the ammo review, buddy!

    Good info to have on hand!

  4. ...i've always had good luck with fiocchi, is good ammo...funny you should mention it too,cuz i've won bets about'em being based right here in our yard...don't let names fool ya...

  5. I am going to give Fiocchi a go with some of my other firearms. Seems reasonably priced when you look around at what others are charging.