Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Selous's Bookshelf

I am trying to add to my bookshelf each payday, so that means at least 1 book per month, 2 or more if possible. Here are some of the titles I have recently acquired:

The Fifty Dollar and Up Underground House Book by Mike Oehler & Chris Royer.

The Winter Harvest Handbook by Eliot Coleman

How To Stay Alive In The Woods by Bradford Angier, originally published as Living Off The Country.

Boy Scout Handbook, Sixth Edition, first Printing 1959

The book by Bradford Angier has a rubberized cover, I suspect as an attempt to make it more durable as a field book rather than a stay at home volume. The pages don't look to be waterproof so I won't be testing them as such.

Now these titles were purchased through Amazon.com, but I have also found some excellent titles at the local Goodwill.

Some of those recently found:
Grays Anatomy, The Classic Collectors Edition

Algebra II for Dummies

Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 8th edition

A Physics textbook and a Chemistry textbook.

as well as a wealth of Science Fiction paperbacks.

Good Stuff Maynard!

I am currently starting on the book by Mike Oehler, and will give a brief review when I am done with it.

What have you added to your Library lately?


  1. Nightshift comments, Good deal on the books. The $50 underground house is a free PDF but the others sound good. My part-time job is a campus security job and I get text books whenever the bookstore updates. I have probably 30 textbooks including business, nursing, anatomy, nutrition, math, science, arts, ect. I even get the technical and trade books when they come up. I will be a library in armageddon. Yes get books while you can.

  2. Now you tell me... heh heh.
    Oh well, not the worst money i have spent, and it is a "printed" copy!


    I am not sure this is a legal copy, so download it if your conscious allows...