Thursday, March 28, 2013

Buycott vs Boycott

With all the restrictive Firearms legislation being floated around and passed by the Communists Legislators in the state governments, I have decided to Buycott those states, such as Colorado, Kalifornicatia and New York. Any goods I normally consume will be closely monitored and researched as to where they originate. Magpul will get some of my business when they relocate from Colorado, and I will summarily reward others when they depart those cesspools of totalitarianism.

Got Your Preps?

Connecticut joins the list.


  1. That sounds like a plan. Count me in.

  2. I think the term you're referring, "Buycott", is the incorrect term to use if you are shunning liberal Marxist States. Sorry for the Grammar Nazi'ing but it makes the post confusing.

    buycott (plural buycotts) Noun

    The opposite of a boycott: deliberately purchasing a company's or a country's products in support of their policies, or to counter a boycott.

    Buycott: To support (a company, country, etc.) by buying its products.

    1. I am not politically correct, nor in some cases grammatically correct. Thanks for commenting, even if only on the grammar.