Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Teetering On the Edge of Time

Tales Of The Apocalypse: Book II - The Rift

I quickly turned around, dropping to one knee as the shotgun rose to my shoulder. To say I was shocked at what I saw would be an understatement. On the edge of the clearing, nearly 20 feet away stood a man, sort of. He looked like a man to behold him, but there were some subtle differences about him; like having a golden glow to him and being at least seven feet tall. The glow was an aura, not his actual skin tone, which was that of an American Indian. His facial features were those of the European race though, in contrast to that of the Indian. His hair was fiery red and it fell to his shoulders. He had no facial hair and did I mention he was seven freaking feet tall!

He was built like a wrestler with massive upper body strength, but not in a muscle bound way, he moved like a cat; sort of gliding to within 5 feet of me. As he got within touching distance I heard him in my head again, saying;

"I am a friend, be not afraid. I wish to query with you, so that you know this to be true." He was carrying a monstrous battle axe that looked very dangerous, but for some reason I was not afraid. He also carried a curious shield, as it looked as though it were made of clear glass, and the edges of it glowed, transmitting the light from his aura.

"If this is an acceptable request, I will begin." came the thoughts.

"Ok, good. Go ahead and query." I mentally replied. I was not sure what he meant by query, but for some strange reason I felt he was trustworthy, though I felt some reservation.

"Many thanks! Be not afraid" filled my mental ears, and then he laid his weapon on the ground, reached out his massive palm and planted it on my forehead. I felt a pleasant tingling spread through my body and then the mental images started.

I saw the bright night sky lit by countless stars, with the emphasis on a particular constellation, his place of origin I gathered. The stars flashed as if passing thru a wormhole and then he stood with many others of his kind on a very young planet, still going thru growing pains. Then there was a monstrous shadow that scared me half to death as I felt their fear and the servitude that they were compelled to give. They had travelled with this monstrosity, as captives, slaves.

The surface of the young planet was not ready for them and many died, so they retreated into the lower crust of the Earth, into the Inner Realms, living in great caverns lit by miniature suns, that dimmed and glowed brighter on a regular cycle. His 1st home was lit by a reddish sun, and when that fell to foul creatures unspoken of, they inhabited the Realm of the Blue Sun. Great cities rose and fell into ruin as his people became many and fought amongst themselves.

Wars were fought against the foul invaders that now inhabited the Realm of the Red Sun, and they pushed them back into the awful blackness from which they came. That time anyway. They moved back into the Red Realm and lived in peace for a while. Then the foulness returned and they were driven forth never to inhabit the Red Realm again. Great fortifications were built at the entrance to the Red Realm to keep the darkness at bay, and that seemed to work as the eons passed. Titanic battles were fought at these fortifications, but the foulness never could prevail and subsided back into the Red Realm. Many of his people grew weary of their servitude and they rebelled. They were driven to the surface to perish, but the young world had tamed during the eons underground and they flourished instead.

They built great kingdoms, flowing with riches, great kings and queens ruled and they became powerful on the earth. And then came a great upheaval, and many of the kingdoms were buried under a great deluge, and most perished except those who wandered the face of the earth, and those who manned the trading outposts. They built a great City at the Mountains of the southernmost continent, then settled many areas there until the snows came and all was buried under the ice. They traded with peoples of unknown origins, with light and dark skins from many points of the compass.

During the ages he had fought in many wars against the Great Old Ones from beyond the stars, driving them from the earthly realms, pursuing them until he had driven them back to the Dark Realms beyond the stars from which they had come.

The images stopped and the man stood back and bent to one knee. He then spoke in perfect English.

"I am Than-Natuk, of the Great Manu Race. I am of Yoth-K’n-yan, the Inner Realms, Yarl'eah amongst the stars. We came to Earth with Tulu as slaves, but were unhappy with our lot. My people threw off the enslaving yoke of the Old Dark Ones and left to build great cities upon the Earth, wealthy kingdoms, great armies and mighty Kings of old. We fought the spawn of Shub-Niggurath, drove them chittering back into the blackness of the void, and sealed them there. But the seal has been broken and they are once more on the loose, aided by those who revere them, and yearn for the old dark times.

I defeated the Great Dark One, Sol mak'Ugn-un and won its immortality; it is no more and this angers the others, and they are fearful. I have fought the Dark Ones legions for eons, driving them back when they intrude into the inner Realms, back into the darkness beyond the stars from which they came.  I see you have noted the golden glow I wear. It is what I won from Sol mak'Ugn-un, it's cloak of immortality.

The Toad-people you have referred to in your thoughts, they are the Tsathoggua, an elder race from a different reality than yours. There has been times in the past when a Rift has been created and your race and theirs have crossed paths. They are the star children of Tulu and came from the dark area beyond the stars.

And now here we are again, teetering on the edge of time, once more in conflict with the Old Dark Ones. They have left their Dark Realms and foul this planet once again, and I have come to drive them back to their perilous homes.

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  1. history repeates i see a earthley connection.