Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Cache as a Movie

At one time, one of my readers said he would like to see The Cache made into a movie. As I lay in bed last night waiting to fall asleep, my mind explored that possibility and whom I would like to see fill the rolls of the characters. I could totally see these actors fill these rolls.

Dusty - Willem Dafoe
Eddie - Tom Berenger
Wilson - Viggo Mortensen
Cobb - Jason Isaacs (villian in The Patriot)
Neo - Max Thieriot (Bates Motel)
OughtSix - Jake T. Austin (The Fosters)

There are some new characters introduced in Volume one, as well as some in the following Volume(s). New to my writing style will be some female characters. That will be a challenge for me to try to find the female perspective and make it believeable. The 1st one is breifly introduced in the first chapter of vol. 1, Martha Phinney (Scarlett Johansen), who's age is mid 30's. The second one, Pandora Sterling (Jennifer Lawrence) is in Volume two, which I have made some progress in already as the story comes to life in my mind. She is in her early 20's as she is a college student.

I realize these characters and those of the son's have not yet been presented to you, but who would you like to see fill their roles?

A snipett about Martha from vol. one:
"Martha had pulled him unconscious from a burning car, and amid a hail of gunfire, drug him to safety. He owed her his life. She had become an indispensible part of his operations early on in her employment with him."

About Pandora:
"She had come home from college during the winter break and was now stuck at home because of the enactment of martial law. She didn't mind really. It was nice to get a break from the liberal indoctrination that she had to endure daily from the teaching staff and their sheeple students. She smiled at the thought of their abject failure in trying to recruit her to their way of thinking."


  1. Please keep the majority of your characters real. I don't recall how many books have the 'closet Amazon' character.

    (Although she was only 16 years old, her father, a decorated Green Beret, raised her in the outdoors and she shot her very own AR-15 from a very early age. She cherished her Randal Jackal Killah, which she had used to stab a wild boar to death when it had charged her).


    A movie would be awesome, but so many cool details you provided in your narrative would have to be left out, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting. The book (I think) works better.

    I look forward to reading the book when its done - Thanks for the update.

    1. No book survives Hollywood unscathed. First they would have to inject some Gorebal Warming narrative and remove any useful content, Then, all the characters would be liberal gun haters who only think of the poor and downtrodden, yada yada.

      Hey you know, I could probably work that into the story, except it would be an FAL and a Grizzly that had recently been reloacated due to a wildlife biologists recommendation. And she packs a Becker BK9 as well as a Damascus Steel Gladius. Hah!