Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Watching As The World Burns

I feel as though I am sitting on the sidelines, watching as the world burns. The non-President is insistent on bringing in un-vetted mooslims which are likely infested with ISIS or other Radical Islamists. So why would he knowingly infest us so?
Why indeed!

Perhaps it is to help with his gun control agenda. After the 1st attack of the Paris nature, the sheeple will rise up from watching their latest reality TV show and demand something be done to control guns, so they are presumably not so easy to obtain. Perhaps a National registry of Firearm owners?
I mean, after all, it is only "common sense", right?

So what would the next terror target be in the U.S.?
The capitol in D.C.? - No too much interference to overcome.
Infrastructure? - No, too much scrutiny and beefing up of security
Where then?

Think soft targets.
Where would an attack yield the most wailing and gnashing of teeth?
Think Gun Free Zones.

All of our schools are wide open.
They have had plenty of school shootings to see that we do not protect our most vulnerable members of society.
Remember Beslan, Chechnya?

One well armed and trained Terrorist could potentially kill hundreds of school aged children.
Multiple attacks in different locations could potentially kill thousands.
Middle schools
High schools
Community Colleges

Not University's where there is security. Not soft enough. Too much chance of having their work defeated early on.

Perhaps I am wrong, perhaps not.
I guess we are going to see soon.

I am on Facebook now, much as I detest social media, and update my posts more often than here. Not abandoning the Blog just yet, just been preoccupied with other things.


  1. I'd be more worried about all of those football stadiums filled with fans and television cameras to show any damage. Attending one of those would definitely be a bad idea in my book.

    If you do decide to delete the blog, please let us know. There are some great posts here and I'd like to re-read them before they are gone for good. Some darn great links on the sidebars as well.

    1. Currently I do not plan to delete the blog. I am glad that you have found value in my netspace.

    2. Those type of venue have armed security, and I do not feel that they would have the same reaction as 10 or 20 more Sandy Hook's x4.

  2. ...don't know how i missed the update bro, sorry...

    ...go armed everywhere(legal or not)...been running that drill i read somewhere about engaging multiple targets within a determined amount of time and gettin' better...remember heads and hips kiddies as the hajis are uparmored...breaking the habit of center mass is a tuff one i gotta admit, since i point shoot mostly, with the practice comes expenditures of ammo, but i'm buying again, using the 50% 500, practice with 250 sorta thing...anyway, hope to see ya more over the Christmas Season...GodBless

  3. ...Merry Christmas Brother Scout, tell all i said hey...
    God Bless You and Yours...KeepTheFaith Shipmate, WeWillWin...

  4. I have been away from the blog for a bit so I missed your post. Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Years celebration to you and yours! Along time ago I said Something Wicked Comes. It is definitely here now!