Friday, July 21, 2017

Exciting News!

It is my distinct pleasure to announce that 3ohEight has agreed to collaberate with me on a new storyline for the Apocalyptic world of the Warlord setting.

It is called Vulture Team 32. It follows the path of Wayne, a survivor of his trybe that was decimated by a Stehekin war party.

3ohEight is not available for the next four weeks so our expected release of the story is the last of August/beginning of September. The 1st story is basically written, it just needs the back story coordinated and some final editing done.

I'm super excited at this new development.


  1. Right on!!

    I will looking forward to it.

    Now here is the mandatory kick in the shin question of when The Cache is going to be published?

    You knew it was coming, right?


  2. I am currently kind of stuck on the cover design. I need a piece of software which I can trial for xx days, but I need to learn how to use it and have the uninterrupted time (from my daytime job) to do it. I am planning some vacation VERY soon and will be tackling it then. I could release the Kindle version now, but I would prefer to release them both at the same time. Yes, it is time to get it done so I can in good conscious pursue the Tales Of The Apocalypse.

  3. That's nice, but I for one would really like to see you put your energy into THE CACHE. You had a real good start, but got sidetracked too soon. All the others have their great points, and a great following I'm sure, but this is one that was sure to be a hit, but was abandoned too soon. Please consider taking the time to give this one a proper finish. THANKS.