Sunday, July 13, 2008

Approaching Storm

No matter where you are in life, this storm that is approaching will affect you. Your location does not matter, the storm is a global one. Rich and poor, young and old. All of us will be rocked by it's ravages.

Mayberry reports that The Fed Gov. bought up all of Mountain House's food supply. Why? Are they preparing for hurricane season? Or are they preparing for the storm. The global storm.

Tonight as I write this, the Internet grocer's site is down. Very odd that. Maybe just a coincidence, but that info originated from their site. Keep an eye on their site to see if it is just a glitch.

What about the other freeze dried suppliers? Have they been cleaned out too?

If you have not already laid in a large supply of non-hybrid seeds, do so now! Your future meals will come from this stockpile. Life is about to get very hard for many of us who are not wealthy. Single income families are going to go under soon. Next it will be those double income families, until the middle class is eliminated.

Since the middle class has all the blue collar skills that keep the Beast fed, they will become the new slave class when this storm is over. The poor and welfare recipients will simply be eliminated, as they have no skills or value to the Beast. The elite will have the food, and if you want to eat, you will do the Beast's bidding.

Here is a link of intrest that may be very important in the future:

WHO Guidelines for the safe use of wastewater, excreta and greywater

We will all experience our own personal storms, as Mayberry is with the Power company, or as I am with family threatening personal matters. I won't go into details, cause it's personal. Suffice it to say I am having my own SHTF event. I will survive, but my family will never be the same.

My posts for the rest of the summer will probably be limited to once a week as I labor to reduce my footprint in this town.

If you believe in God, pray that he will send angels to watch over you and your family, and those others whose blog's you read, as we all will need divine help in the Storm that is breaking even now.


  1. I feel that a lot more of us are going to be suffering our own "personal" SHTF events with the way things are headed. Like the old saying goes....these are the times that try men's souls!


  2. Good luck with what you're going through, Selous Scout. Times are hard and getting harder here--and everywhere. Still, it is all in God's hands. Onwards,

  3. Thanks Patricia. I know we will make it through. It's just going to be tough.

    The Internet Grocer site is back up this morning. It seems they are trying out a different host and that may be why they were down last night. Gotta order one of those meat samplers with the butter and cheese...

  4. Hang tough. The beast is starting to show it's face to everyone. The best thing we can do. Is to be prepping with every bit of time we get. Selous, I will be keep you and our prepping family our prayers.

    Working on the moat...


  5. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers Scout. May your ordeal be resolved as best as possible. And as you've told me many times, stay frosty....

  6. I told my group yellow flag, buy all things now most needed before anything else. It is time to hurry.

  7. I'm real sorry to hear you are having troubles in your personal life.
    Praying for you and your family.
    These things suck in a major way.
    Good luck man, take care of yer business, a Blog is a Blog, but I tend to use mine for a certain amount of release sometimes, it keeps me from kicking my cats if you know what I mean.

  8. Weathering the storm can wear a person down..... Hope the challenges your facing you overcome soon Selous Scout.....

  9. I'm also hoping that your personal life takes a turn for the better as well. Times likes these often gets people down, and the irritability factor goes way up.