Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Slack Time

During my slack time this summer I am receptive to posting guest articles. If you have something you think appropriate, drop me a line and send me "what you got".

If I deem it to be fit to post (no inappropriate language), It will be included with full recognition of the author.

While I don't want to become another snot green survival blog, relying on others for content, I will post that which would be beneficial to those of us that are not just "upper crust" preppers, or as J.D. would call them, Yuppie Survivalists.

So send me your Gems, you all have some whether you realize it or not. Coming up: Forming a small Survial community.


  1. "While I don't want to become another snot green survival blog"

    Dammit Scout, beer burns when you blow it out your nose! Ha ha! Hope I didn't sss hhhortttt out my kkkkeybooooooarr rddd......

  2. how about posting up a link to the anne klein interview on democracynow.org frontpage, she sums up the shtf scenario pretty damm nicely