Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Additions

Miss Poosey, the guard cat,

decided to bring Mischief and Mayhem into our home.

Lord help us!

Born 5/28/09


  1. Nice kittens. Will they be outside "mousers"?

  2. Their AO will be I/O. I will probably keep them inside at night as I have seen coyotes on the streets near my home in the morning hours as I go to work.

  3. Maybe they will grow up to be "guard cats" as well! They seem pretty satisfied where they are at, don't they?

  4. That'll keep ya busy for a while!

  5. LOL, get 'em fixed fast man. We moved here with one female cat 5 years ago and have give away 30 or more kittens and have 5 out on the back deck now. LOL Cute little things tho.

    Code Name "Bullseye"

  6. Momma needs to get fixed right away for sure! Once they get old enough their turns will come!

  7. Cats are cool indoor pets, once you get to train them to behave themselves. We have two ourselves, both 6 month old cats. Both of them (male / female) recently had reproductive surgery done, recuperating nicely.

    Good luck - they make homes a lot funnier.

    Hey, will Henry ever make an appearance again? Looking forward to next installment, when / if it happens.

  8. He will be back as soon as I can start sitting for longer periods again. I am suffering from stubborness, financial distress and a broken tailbone that limits how long I can sit. Some days are just agony as I have a desk job. When I get home I down a couple of beers to help me sleep and its off to bed I go, as laying down is the only relief I get. I suspect this will end with surgery.

  9. Ah - so that explains it. Hey, heal up - thats the priority. Glad to hear he's waiting in the wings.