Friday, May 15, 2009

Tinfoil Hat Time

I was lying in bed last night trying to fall asleep when the mothership began to beam thoughts into my head. Since I was trying to sleep, I was not wearing my protective tinfoil hat and was thus susceptible to the programming they beamed at me…

What if the swine flu outbreak in Mexico was a biological weapon? Anyone who has been around on the Net has heard rumors of the Chinese Army massing in Mexico, somewhere over the border. What if the CIA spread the flu, hoping to infect and decimate this army? We know that it currently has the ability to infect one in three people, and we have seen that it can kill, though it seems more likely to kill those who are suffering from other debilitating illnesses. We also know that China has not shared much if any data on any outbreaks in their territorys.

So what if when it hits the second time (this Fall?) the mortality rate is higher amongst those who are infected? Will it decimate this secret Chinese army? Is it the target of this out break? Does it really exist? There is some chatter about this strain affecting Hispanics more than other races. Will the next wave target Asians?


  1. Haven't you seen the latest?

    Queens "educator" (maybe they mean teacher?) Critically Ill with swine flu, 3 schools closed:


    390 kids homes sick at a Houston, TX school with 2 confirmed cases of swine flu:

  2. I'm paranoid. So I'm not allowed to discuss this. ;)

    While I'm not really a conspiracy-theorist, I do recognize that our government is doing a hell of a lot of stuff we think they wouldn't. Or at least SOMEONE thinks they wouldn't. I think they would.

    Peace out.

  3. That tin foil hat might be constricting blood flow.